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Digital art – it’s a variety of creativity with the use of information(computer) technologies for creation of artistic works in a digital form.
This type of art formed the fundamentally new approach to the works. Now for the fantasy of artist there are not barriers. They created the real masterpieces with the u… Read More
Digital art – it’s a variety of creativity with the use of information(computer) technologies for creation of artistic works in a digital form.
This type of art formed the fundamentally new approach to the works. Now for the fantasy of artist there are not barriers. They created the real masterpieces with the use of the technically advanced computers. The ideas, variety of genres, color palette, texture, the structure by works of artists of digital art are striking, the range of creativity is very wide, ranging from graphic design to digital painting. However, among all existent directions it is possible to distinguish in a separate category so-called Visionary art – this is artistic style, which is based on the playback picture which being seen in the altered state of consciousness, in meditation, in contemplation or in religious trance.
Visionary art existed long before the advent of computer technology. This type of art include works by such famous artists as William Blake, Dante Alighieri, Nicholas Roerich, that are famous for their spiritual and mystical works. But with the advent of digital photography and software for processing it, Visionary art became the really surprising style. The door to unexplored world of spirits, extraterrestrial spaces, other galaxy and separate reality of people whose work is interlaces with traditions of different cultures and peoples is open. Among them it's necessary to distinguish such artists as Luke Brown and his spectral pictures, filled with the deep sacral meaning; Alex Gray, which showing the subtle intercommunication of all processes of human body and Universe. But today I want to stop attention for a man that created a very special kind of art.
“The symmetry of dimensions” – this type of digital art shows to us the multilevel structure of the Universe. This type of digital art was created by a very talented artist and musician Andrey Averin with an aim to direct consciousness of spectator to his center. Today it's not a secret that reality is multidimensional, and the visible material world is just the most rough layer of the multilevel structure of holographic space-time, where exist the principle of multi-dimensionality and permeability of the Worlds, from coarse to very subtle, and through vibrational wave permeates his the entire length. On the Earth there are many geographical points, the so-called places of power, where the vibrational wave passes of this cross-cutting, forming portals through which you can walk and climb to the top of the hierarchy of worlds. Being in one of such points, in the ancient place of force, Andrey Averin saw and realized that such portals can be reproduced by using the special technique of horizontal and vertical symmetry in totality with imposition of numerous layers of digital photo.
Layers are laid on the same way as the levels of the universe they are inlaid one in another, exfoliate and create a funnels the space-time continuums through that it is possible to feel continuity and endlessness of Universe, where everything has possesses interdependence.
In the center of the image there are faces and energetically powerful characters: the guru, the holy elders, chiefs of the ancient tribes, and the personality of modern human history. These characters are embedded in multiple layers of images, but at the same time, they are the point for focusing.
As a background base used the natural landscape, because only in nature exist a perfect harmony and balance of all primary elements. But it is not simple landscapes of beautiful places, these pictures was made in the ancient places of power, where lived the great and mighty civilization, they have the strength and spirit of generations of ancestors who have left for us a rich spiritual heritage and secret knowledges, and The symmetry of dimensions provides a unique opportunity to penetrate in this mystery. In works used principle of axial symmetry, distributions and focusing of energy, in points where located exit of through vibrational wave, it's allowing to get into the certain states of consciousness. Every picture except the semantic loading, carries a powerful message of energy, she is filled with the vibrations of each level, through that should pass the spectator. A picture like an explorer, that opening access to energy and state of consciousness which a spectator gets passively, simply contemplating her.
All elements of the images are structured so as to smoothly transfer the viewer from the ordinary superficial perception to a deep feeling. By their structure they resemble a Tibetan mandala – the sacral schematic images there incarnated geometrical symbolism of difficult model of Universe, the “map of space” symbolizing the different habitat areas beings. Each picture of The symmetry of dimensions has a center point for the fixing of look, this is the same exit point through vibrational waves – the portal where the ray of consciousness will get through that. But the location of this point for each beholder is individual, and depends on its initial state. Not all are able to pass through these funnels, but those who are able to reconstruct the perception will appreciate the impact and effect of this unique art form, which was created to show the unity of all things, to know reality by changing your vision, because that what do we see depends on how do we look.
“Dimensions art of yoga” – digital art, which arose up spontaneously in creative tandem with yoga teacher Aleksandra Migova. Yoga, in this case, comes forward as a method to encode the visual images of specific information. The person – this is a teacher, that doing yoga pose in a certain state of consciousness, reports that state and encodes it into this position. Yoga postures provide configurations of energy and when it has being percepted in the mind of the audience, it raises up the complex chain of associative links, and they in turn, trigger powerful unconscious processes of adjustment and transition to the frequency of vibration, which was encode through a given position. There is subtle transition with high-frequency power streams, they are generated by consciousness of the person who has doing the pose, and are able to transform the consciousness of the beholder by this.
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