Scotty Arsenault

2D Animator, Storyboards, Illustration, Cartoons, Bottle Washing

Work Experience

Freelance - Renegade Animation

Flash Animation - Tom & Jerry

Creating Flash animation for the Tom & Jerry series.
2015 - Present Burbank, California, United States


Animator / Storyboard Artist

I've put my animation talents to work for Playhouse Disney, Renegade Animation, Floating Pear and Cosmic Toast. Hmm. I'm hungry now. What's your studio called? I'd love to work with you!
2012 - Present New Hampshire, United States


Storyboard Artist

I was a storyboard artist for the children's TV show Astroblast!, shown on the Sprout Network. We worked with Flash to create detailed animatics for the animation team to follow. LOTS of fun!
2013 - 2014 Watertown, Massachusetts, United States

D2 Creative

Animator / Production Artist

The animation I did at D2 was used for sales presentations, video kiosks and convention floors for top clients in the electronics and pharmaceutical industries. Always challenging. They were a great team to work with!
2002 - 2012 New Jersey, United States


Adobe Animate, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio, Splatoon, Storyboard Pro, Toonboom Harmony,