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I took a risk in 2012. I moved from Pakistan to Brasil.
Brasil is a beautiful, energetic country and the people are vibrant and amazing.

I regret nothing, and I know this move is worth all the uncertainty, pain, anxiety and mostly starvation that I had had to, or might have to endure!

  • Creative Manager - Coca-Cola and all Brands, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
    Ogilvy & Mather — Lahore, Pakistan
  • Creative Manager Nestlé
    Ogilvy & Mather — Lahore, Pakistan
  • Copywriter / Illustrator + Storyboarding
    Evernew Concepts — Lahore, Pakistan
  • Freelance Storyboarder
    Nutslocomotyvia — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Freelance Storyboarder
    Fernando Sallis (Filmmaker And Professor At UFRJ) — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • English Teacher
    Audings Idiomas — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • English Teacher
    CCAA - Laranjeiras — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Freelance Storyboarder
    CasaDigital — Brazil
  • English Teacher
    Achieve Exams — Brazil
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Everything inspires, and effects my illustrations. Only energy levels need to be up.

1. Road trips and Compasses ( important)
2. Different Cultures, Different Rules
So I got interviewed by The Desi Design, the Pakistani magazine for design, branding & advertising. Here is the link:

Do check it out =)
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