Rony Mikhael

Art Director, Designer, Illustrator

Oakville, Ontario, Canada
I am a multi-disciplinary art director & designer, specializing in the craft of brand experience.

Work Experience

Bump Creative

Creative Director

Bump Creative consists of brand-focused product developers, driven by putting great ideas into people’s hands. We partner with our clients to ensure that their brand's experience is dynamic and intriguing from every aspect, from persona to product, in-store and online. We develop creative assets and products that strategically target our clients’ business goals, elevating their brands continually, positioning their companies for success. 

Our clients enjoy the value of working closely with a team who’s intentions are transparent and whose goals align completely with theirs. None of their business is none of our business—that's why we care and that's how we all succeed. 

My involvement with Bump Creative spans brand development, graphic design, product design, and brand strategy. My role as creative director involves keeping our creative team on track and inspired to do their best work. My day-to-day involves working on new brand initiatives birthed out of our own ideas and research, exploring new ideas and opportunities within the product industry, developing innovation pitches for our current clients, writing strategic copy and curating content for our clients’ communication, designing and working with developers to build websites, and discovering new creative opportunities with companies we’ve never worked with.

I am constantly looking for opportunities to refine our creative processes, develop new business initiatives, and make some truly ground-breaking work.
February 2016 - Present Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Rony Mikhael Art Direction

Brand Design Consultant / Art Director

To design a brand experience is to take a holistic approach at determining how every aspect of a brand will communicate and how someone will interact with the brand. I partner with start-ups and leading brands to develop brand experiences that connect with people in more ways than just visually. I’ve had the privilege of watching countless companies use my expertise to enhance their business and elevate their brand. This involves some or all of the following:

Branding & Identity
I help develop the story, voice, aesthetic, and overall identity system of a brand. This happens through a process of brand auditing and exploration, design and testing, and interacting with my client and their tribe to ensure that the brand is engaged well with the public and communicating accurately and honestly. This work is foundational to all other design elements and determines how we can effectively communicate a company's message and through appropriate media.

Art Direction
For a given project, I will oversee all creative elements, ensuring every aspect is cohesive and in line with a singular vision and meets the company's goals appropriately. This can happen in a group setting (working with other creatives such as photographers, videographers, artists, etc.) or doing so while working on the project myself.

Website Design (UI/UX)
I meticulously design websites to provide users with a functional and delightful online experience. I design for multiple platforms and consider everything from discovering why and how users will interact with the website, to wireframe development, to designing and prototyping, to quality assurance, all in efforts to create the ideal experience for the website's users.

Illustration, Hand-Lettering, & Type Design
These practices are not just beautiful and delightful, but many smart companies will utilize these disciplines to enhance their brand expression, understanding the power behind their significant role in gaining brand recognition.
September 2009 - Present Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Faduchi Group

Lead Designer

As the Lead Designer at Faduchi Group, I worked directly with our clients and our creative director, taking direction and giving consultation when necessary. I was heavily involved in every step of the creative process, from answering potential client inquiries to meeting with them, to research and conceptualizing, all the way to its completion and maintenance. I was fortunate to work in an environment where I was able to grow in my relational and creative ability alike.

Typically, I spent my time on:

Brand Identity
Developing the voice, aesthetic, and overall identity systems of existing and new brands. This happens through a process of brand auditing and exploration, design and testing, and interacting with our clients and their people to ensure the brand is engaged well with the public and communicating accurately and honestly.

Designing online experiences for multiple platforms, dealing with everything from discovering why and how users will interact with the website, to wireframe development, to designing and prototyping, to quality assurance, working with our developers to create ideal experiences for users.

Client Relations
As a boutique creative studio, I had the opportunity to deal one-on-one with most of our clients. In this role, I was able to forge relationships that flourish, being rooted in trust through honest consultation and an unwavering ethic to uphold design standards while keeping each brand's strategic focus at the forefront of my mind.

Graphic Design & Production
Developing and designing brand collateral, wayfinding, outdoor advertising, editorial design, and setting up all files for proper output.

Writing web content, advertising campaigns, scripts for promotional videos and commercials, design proposals, brand guidelines and manifestos, and the like.

Motion Graphics
Designing and illustrating graphic elements and setting them in motion (pun most definitely intended) in AfterEffects.
January 2012 - September 2015 Ontario, Canada

Humber College

Design Instructor

My courses take students through a multi-disciplinary/holistic education experience regarding design and communications. The classes covered topics that were foreign to many of my students but allowed them to get a first-hand glimpse into the world of design through project-based assignments, in-class activities, and case studies. They learned the foundations of graphic design (theoretical & technical), print communications, website design, and innovative design techniques.
September 2013 - April 2014 Ontario, Canada

Harvest Bible Chapel

Graphic Designer & Media Coordinator

Harvest Bible Chapel is a church that opens its doors to 3000+ attendees weekly, in Oakville, Ontario. It has seen immense growth through since its inception in 2003, and the needs continued to grow as well. As such, I was hired on to develop the church's brand identity, developing and executing all the visual media that was presented to the church on a weekly basis, as well as media that was sold through third-party eComm sites. During my time there, I was involved in:

• develop the brand expression for over 20 different ministries within the church
• designed all print and wayfinding materials needed for every ministry and program within the church
• developed standards for print protocol with regards to output vs. budget
• redesigned and maintained the website and social media presence
• structured and designed all event collateral necessary for many events
• created dynamic videos and motion graphic animations to tell stories or communicate to the church
• developed and designed the brand expression for about 20 sermon series (series logo & identity, environmental design, video bumpers & lower thirds, cd packaging, weekly graphics, etc)
• developed promotional materials and website for building campaign (fulfilled in 2012)

Working as the only in-house designer at an organization has its ups and downs, but I can definitely see many benefits in it. The experience allowed me to understand the inner workings of a growing and lively organization, with unique challenges and hardships. It was difficult but an adventure I am thankful to have embarked upon.
May 2010 - January 2013 Ontario, Canada


Design Intern

April 2010 - May 2010 Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Graphic Design Advanced Diploma, Honours

January 2008 - May 2010 Toronto, Ontario, Canada


English (Native),
Arabic (Native),


The Advertising & Design Club Of Canada

ADCC Directions Merit