Roni Toren

Set designer - opera and theatre

Tel Aviv, Israel

Work Experience

Roni Toren -set Design

Set &costume designer - opera and theatre



Name of Play Playwright Director Theater

1982 “Getting Out” (S+C) Marsha Norman E. Izvitzki Beer Sheba Theater

1983 “Gimpel-Tam”(S+C) B. Zinger / J.B. Morali J.B. Morali H'aan Theater, Jerusalem

“Scoop” (S+C) E. Gray D. Ronen H'aan Theater, Jerusalem

“Tradford Tanzi” (S+C) Claire Luckham D. Inbar Beit- Lessin ,Tel-Aviv

“City Sugar” (S+C) S. Poliakoff M. Lewinshon Beer-Sheba Theater

1984 “The Lost Women of Troy H. Levin H. Levin Kameri Theater, Tel Aviv

“Behind The Fence”(S+C) H.N. Bialik U. Paster Ha'bimah-National Theater

“The Lady and the Peddler” S.Y. Agnon Y. Raz MunicipalTheater' Haifa
( S + C )
1985 “Kastner” (S ) M. Lerner I. Ronen Kameri Theate , Tel-Aviv

“King Matthew the First” D. Omer U. Paster Habimah-National Theater
( S + C)

1986 “Him and His Son” (S) I. D. Berkovitch M. Lewinshon Beer-Sheba Theater

“Chekov-chekova”(S +C) F. Nocher F. Nocher Habimah-National Theater
1987 “Taming of the Shrew” (S) W. Shakespeare R. Walker Beer-Sheba Theater
“America” ( S ) F. Kafka / Y . Porat D. Alden The Israeli Festival
“School for Wives” ( C) Molier L. Moorton Habimah-National Theater
1988 “Salah” ( S ) E. Kishon E. Kishon Habimah-National Theater

“Cherry Orchade” (S+C) Chekov O. Nitzan Habimah-National Theater

1989 “Shitz” (S+C) H. Levin A. Almog Kameri Theater, Tel Aviv

1990 “Blood Wedding”(S+C) F.G. Lorca H. Snir Habimah -National Theater

“Mandragola” (S ) Machiavelli R. Baruch Tel-Aviv University Theater

1991 “Pygmalion” ( S ) G. B. Shaw T. Rubinstein Kameri Theater, Tel-Aviv

1992 “Yehu” ( S ) G. Evron H. Snir Habimah-National Theater

1993 “The Child Dreams” (S+C) H. Levin H. Levin Habimah-National Theater

1996 “Jude Suss” ( S ) Korenfeld R. Wudruff Beer-Sheba Theater
( U.S.A.)
1997 “Cruel of all is the King (S ) N. Alloni H. Snir Habima-National Theater

1998 “Measure for Measure” ( S) Shakespeare G. Roll H’aan Theater, Jerusalem

“The Lady From the Sea” (S ) Ibsen Y. Israeli H’aan Theater, Jerusalem.

2000 “A View From The Bridge” (S) A. Miller M.Lewenshon Habima-National Theater

“Seagull” (S) Chekov O. Henig H’aan Theater,Jerusalem

2002 “Romantics” (S+C) Hanoch Levin M. Lewinshon Kameri-Theatre Tel Aviv

“Don Perlimplin” (S) Lorca Y. Israeli Ha’an Theatre, Jerusalem

2003 “The Illusion” (S) Corneille - Kushner Y. Israeli Ha’an Theatre,Jerusalem

2004 “Oil City” (S) H. Mittlepunct H. Mittlepunct Kameri Theare Tel Aviv

2005 “Glass Menagerie” (S) T. Williams M. Lewinshon Kameri Theare , Tel Aviv

“Salome” (S) O. Wild O. Henig “The Lab”- Jerusalem

“At sea” (S) S. Izhar R. Kaner Bat Sheba Dance Company

2006 “Spotted Tiger” (S) Y. Shabtai H. Snir Natinal Theatre-“Habima”

2007 "Antigone" (S) Sophocles H. Snir Natinal Theatre-“Habima”
+ Kameri Theare , Tel Aviv
2008 "Festen" (S) Viterberg – Rukov
Hansen ,
David Eldridge H. Snir Natinal Theatre“Habima”
+ Kameri Theare , Tel Aviv.

2008 "Fiddler On The roof" (S) Stein- M. Keptan. Kameri Theare , Tel Aviv

2009 "Yentle" (S) Zinger M. Keptan. Kameri Theare , Tel Aviv

2010 "Ghetto" (S) Sobol O. Nitzan . Kameri Theare , Tel Aviv

2010 "Master Builder" Ibsen H. Snir Natinal Theatre-“Habima”
+ Kameri Theare , Tel Aviv

2011 "Cabaret" Kander+Ebb O. Nitzan . Kameri Theare , Tel Aviv


Name of Play Playwright Director Theater

1985 “Hallelujah Broadway” (S+C) A. Koren Z. Zarfati Alte-Oper, Frankfurt
1988 “Kastner” (S+C) M. Lerner I. Ronen Staatstheater, Heilbronn
1995 “The Merchant of Venice” ( S) Shakespeare H. Snir Deutsches Nationaltheater,
Weimar (Germany)
2005 “Mother Courage” (S) B. Brecht R. Kaner “X theatre” Tokyo,
2007 "Don Juan Comes Back From War" /Horvath G. Roll Polski Teatr-Wroclaw
( Poland )
2007 "Pains of Youth" F. Bruckmer G.Rolll Belgrade Theatre Coventry
(England )
2008 "The House Of Bernarda Alba" (S+C) Lorca G.Rolll Belgrade Theatre Coventry
(England )


Name of Dance Composer Choreographer Theater

1987 “Dancing to songs” ( C ) L. Cohen B. Yampolski The Israeli Ballet


Name of Opera Composer Director Theater

1987 “La Boheme” (S +C) Pucini D. Alden The New Israeli Opera

1989 “Tales of Hoffmann” (S ) Offenbach D. Alden The New Israeli Opera

1991 “The Magic Flute” (S ) Mozart Dr. J. Miller The Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra

1994 “Boris Godunov” (S ) Mussorgski J. Schaaff The New Israeli Opera

1996 “Tales of Hoffmann” ( S ) Offenbach D. Alden The New Israeli Opera

2000 “Don Gionanni” (S) Mozart M. Lewenshon The New Israeli Opera


Name of Opera Composer Director Theater

1992 “Roberto Devereaux”(S) Donizetti Dr. J. Miller Opera de Monte Carlo

1993 “Mary Stuart” ( S) Donizetti Dr. J. Miller Opera de Monte Carlo

1994 “Anna Bolena” (S ) Donizetti Dr. J. Miller Opera de Monte Carlo

1994 “Tannhauser” (S ) R. Wagner D. Alden Bayerische Staatsoper,
Munchen ( Germany)

1996 “Salome” ( S ) Strauss I. Levant Staatstheater, Stuttgart

1996 “Anna Bolena” (S ) (Revival) Donizetti Dr. J. Miller Teatro Comunale di
Bologna (Italy)

1997 “The Damnation of Faust” (S) Berlioz D. Alden English National Opera,
London (England)
“Roberto Drvereaux”(revival) Donizhtti Dr. J. Miller Teatro Regio Torino

1998 “The Magic Flute” (S ) Mozart Dr. J. Miller Santa-Fe Opera,
New Mexcio ( U.S.A.)

1999 “Maria Stuart” (s) Revival Donizetti Dr. J. Miller Teatro Regio Torino

2000 “Les Contes D’Hoffmann”(S) Offnbach D. McVicar De Vlaamse Opera

2001 “Otello” (S) Verdi Guy Joosten De Vlaamse Opera
-Gent (Belgium)

2007 "Kullervo" (s) A.Sallinen I. Levant Saarbruecken-

2007 “Anna Bolena” (S ) (Revival) Donizetti Dr. J. Miller Opera BILBAO

2009 "Le Nozze di Figaro" Mozart I. Levant Saarbruecken-
2012 "The Conquest of Mexico" Rhim I. Levant Saarbruecken-


Period (Dates) Name of Institution, city, country. Department Rank/ Function

1987-1989 School of Visual Theater, Jerusalem, Israel Theater (Teacher)

1990-1992 Tel-Aviv University, Israel Theater, Stage Design (Teacher)

1991 Negev-College, Israel Communication Center

1991-1999 ‘Kotteret’, School of Journalism Radio Workshop (Teacher)
and Communication, Tel-Aviv, Israel

1996 ‘Hed’ - Music Center, Yahud, Israel Radio Workshop (Teacher)

1998 -2000 School of Visual Theater, Jerusalem, Israel Stage Design (Teacher)

1999 – 2006 Tel-Aviv University, Israel Design Master Courses (Teacher)
(From 2002
Adjunct Associate Professor)


Name of Institution Occasion Subject of Paper

1989 - O.I.S.T.A.T Annual Meeting, The Israeli Designers Union theatre crafts
Warsaw, Poland. Delegation.

1993 - Tel-Aviv University, Tel Aviv University Friends Circle Designing For The

1994 - The Open University, Tel Aviv Cinema Studies Designing for
Musical Comedy

1995 - “ HA’MISHKAN” Arts Center International Conference Facing The Space
Tel Aviv . (O. I.S.T.A.T.) /A.M.B.I) For Lyric Theatre

1996 - Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv “Meetings on Composition” Stage Design as
Inter-Disciplinary Program, a Component of
Faculty of Visual & Performing Stage Production

1997 - Bar- Ilan University, Tel Aviv Stage Management and Making The Space
Production Course Into an Event

1997 - The Van-Leer Jerusalem Institute Dance Art and Other Arts Symbolic Functions
(Inter-Disciplinary Meetings) of Set Props,
Costumes and Lighting

2001 Tel-Aviv University Hanoch Levin week stage design in
Levin’s productions
2003 Tel-Aviv University Arts Faculty- Seminar Aspects in Israeli
Stage Design History

2003 Tel-Aviv University The Department of Comparative The stage looks
Literature/Annual Conference / upon the audience
The Politics of the Gaze
2006 London -Hampstead Theatre Post reading discussion The Scenic world
of Hanoch Levin

2006 Tel-Aviv University Arts Faculty- Seminar- the "home" on stage.

2007 PQ- Prague Quadrennial International stage design "...such stuff as dreams are made on"
Exhibition The designer work : a bit of stuff
and a lot of dreams.
2011 PQ- Prague Quadrennial International stage design Moderating talks and meetings with
Exhibition international designers


1981 The Tel-Aviv University Rector Award for Special Achievements in the
Study of The Arts.

1986 ' Meir Margalit Prize' for Stage- Art (Israel)

1991 Silver Medal, Scenography, Prague Quadrennial.

1998 Sternfeld Prize for Stage Design (Israel)

2005 Silver medal ,stage design, WSD-World Stage Design-Toronto Canada.

2007 Honorable Scenographer at the PQ07-Prague 2007

2009 Landau Award - (Miph'al Ha-pais– The Israeli Lottery) Tel Aviv, Israel

2010 Israeli Annual Theatre Award –best design for 2010 –"Ghetto"
1982 - 2013 Tel Aviv, Israel


Tel Aviv University

Made his art & theatre studies in Paris-France (Universite’de Vincenne-Paris 8 & Beaux Arts). Graduate of the Art-Faculty - Theatre Department at the Tel Aviv University-Israel.
Tel Aviv, Israel


English (Fluent),
French (Conversational),
Hebrew (Native),


Prague Quadrienalle

Silver medal


World Stage Design

Silver Medal