Piero L. S. Folly

3D & Fine Artist

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Work Experience

Piero Folly

Freelancer 3D & Fine Artist

After accumulating knowledge via working and researching in the art, fashion, literature and entertainment industry I launched my website online for contact and exposition of previous works:

January 2015 - Present California, United States

Niten Cultural Institute

Coordinator Teacher

Teacher of Samurai Culture and Kenjutsu (Traditional Japanese Martial Art).

During the almost decade I spent in the Cultural Institute Niten - moving from student to teacher - I learned and taught about the Samurai Japanese Culture, the Valor of the Samurai Legacy, its Aesthetics, and the martial applications.

I've worked as coordinator teacher while creating a Niten Institute's unit in Nova Friburgo city and as a teacher assistant in Rio de Janeiro city. This experience gave me a perspective on how to apply warrior values in my artistic career. Values that have been almost entirely lost and forgotten in the modern society. Such as Courage, Integrity, Honor, and Willingness to do the best in whatever you are designated to.

As a visual art creator, the long contact with the livid Samurai Culture added even greater knowledge to my pre-oriented personal interests to develop oriental-based art and the keen eye for artistic warfare motifs in general. This experience culminated in the development and writings of my book called: Samurai Aesthetics.
January 2012 - August 2014 Brazil

Patricia Viera Ldta

Concept and Fashion Illustrator

Fashion Illustrator and Art Direction Assistant of the new-coming collection for Summer 2011 of Patricia Viera Ltd.

The knowledge acquired was in developing illustration and crafting clothes for a class "prêt-à-porter" market. It was a great work experience to understand how the Fashion Design market in South America and Europe work. Also, I could experience the Illustration market demands in the Fashion Industry.

The leather fashion design that I've experienced with Patricia Viera added significant value to future artistic skills when creating character design modeling, sculpting texturing and outfitting in 3D and fine Art.
May 2010 - January 2011 Brazil


Gnomon School Of VFX

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Production for Entertainment

I studied in the BFA program since Fall 2017, after a year of studying as a generalist, I decided to change to the modeling and texturing track in the Digital Production in Gnomom during Fall 2018.
October 2017 - California, United States

Universidade Veiga De Almeida

Post-Degree in 3D Modeling and Animation

My first step into 3D art. This school is where I learned all the basics of 3D software and skilling of modeling, texturing, animating, rigging and post-production.
August 2013 - November 2015 Brazil


Bachelor of Design with habilitation in Fashion

My first degree awarded by UFRJ as a Designer habilitated to work and teach in the Fashion Industry.
August 2007 - December 2011 Brazil


Portuguese (Native),
English (Fluent),
Spanish (Advanced),
French (Beginner),
Italian (Beginner),
Japanese (Beginner),


Bazar 40º - SENAI CETIQT

1st Place as Costume Design Stylist - College Fashion Contest: Japanese Inspirations 11/01/12


Niten Cultural Institute

3rd Place Kenjutsu as captain and Iaijutsu as second captain - 12° TBEK (Brazilian Kobudo Team Tournament)


Niten Cultural Institute

1st Place Kenjutsu as captain of my team- 8° TBEK (Brazilian Kobudo Team Tournament).



3ds Max, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Ilustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Animatic, Autodesk Softwares, Drawing & Painting, Fantasy Writting, FOUNDRY SOFTWARES, Houdini, Marvelous Designer, MAYA, Scripting, Storyboarding, SUBSTANCE SOFTWARES, Traditional Sculpting, ZBrush,