nicolas tranchant

Manager Vivalatina Jewelry

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Work Experience



I started this business project like an adventure, that would be even more difficult than I could imagine.
Back in 2012, I was living in France with my Mexican wife and she was fed up not being able to work as a doctor, because of French restrictions about being graduated in Mexico and not France.

So we decided to move back to Mexico in 2012.

I was working as a Mechanical Engineer for the aerospace industry, I quit everything and arrived in Puerto Vallarta in July 2012.

We had already tried to sell Mexican silver jewelry online before, and now I wanted to set up a real business working full-time on it.

I started to set up the online jewelry boutique and failed 3 years in a row.

Then I started to find some clients online and grow my services by offering custom jewelry services.

In 2016, the business grew enough and the need was clear that I needed my own jewelry workshop to be able to create what I wanted and ensure the quality and deadlines for my clients.

Since then, I have 3 full-time employees and we still create each time unique jewelry for our clients.

Now we work with 3D printing, gold, platinum and gemstone and we focus on making unique jewelry, having fun all along the way.
July 2012 - Mexico



After starting a business from scratch in 2012 focusing on the French market, I started to focus on the US market and launch, an online jewelry business focusing on English-speaking clients.

We offer the same products and services but adapted to the requirement of our clients that are quite different from our clients located in France.
January 2018 - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


French (Native),
Spanish (Fluent),
English (Advanced),
Portuguese (Conversational),


CAD Jewelry Design,