Matt Glenn


Provo, UT, USA
Artist Matt Glenn wants to help you to create a timeless bronze sculpture that commemorates those in your community that have made a difference.

Our 6,500 square-foot sculpture studio is prepared to create exactly what you’re looking for. Your project will be designed, sculpted and molded under one roof. In our casting process we use only the highest quality of USA bronze and insure your project is delivered to you on time.

What makes Big Statues so unique?

We are a small family owned and operated company that prides itself on building lifetime friendships through bronze art. We love what we do and believe that is reflected through our work and reputation.

Work Experience

Owner/Lead Sculptor


English (Native),

Little League World Series Statues

The Little League World Series commissioned 10 statues to be created, each one representing a significant moment in the sports history. During the 75th Anniversary of the game in Williamsport, PA, the statues were unveiled in the city center. Stephen D. Keener, President of the Little League Foundation, gave a wonderful speech at the unveiling to welcome the statues and all that they represent. ESPN was also covering the unveiling and played the special story just before the Wold Series Championship game. Matt Glenn worked closely with Jason Fink in order to create the memorable statues.

Medal of Honor Memorial

Big Statues was honored to be commissioned to sculpt a life-size memorial of the Medal of Honor recipient, George O-Brien. The eight foot bronze sculpture portrays O’Brien as a brave soldier in combat gear, running across dangerous terrain. The sculpture is located outside the newly renamed veteran’s hospital in Big Spring Texas.

Duesenberg Brothers and E.L. Cord at Duesenberg Museum

The statues created to celebrate the accomplishments of the Augie and Fred Duesenberg and E.L. Cord, were placed in the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum in Auburn, Indiana. Cord challenged Fred to start with a clean slate and create the World’s finest motorcar. Duesenbergs then became the favorites of movie stars and millionaires. the great depression had a devastating affect on automobile sales, especially the sales of the beloved Duesenberg.The statues of these three individuals all depict something that is special to that specific person.