Leonardo Lapinig

Freelance Writer

Davao City, Philippines
I am an easy going nature lover who have seen quite a lot in my country. I cannot say I am well traveled but I can say that I do not get left behind when it comes to experiencing local culture. It may be helpful to understand that I am from the Philippines.

Work Experience


Customer Care Representative

I went under 3 accounts in this company. The first 2 I worked as a customer service representative and the last one as a technical support representative. Of the almost 5 years of working it had granted me a better understanding of the American culture, some things about finance as well as technology
September 2006 - April 2011 Cebu City, Philippines


Brokenshire College

Fine Arts

I came from a religious school which values a lot of self development and not to mention self sufficiency.
June 2001 - March 2006 Davao City, Philippines


English (Conversational),


Debate, Musical Instruments, Singing, Writing,