Joel LeVan


King of Prussia, PA, USA
I'm a designer, photographer, and strategic thinker with over 17 years experience located in the Greater Philadelphia Area. My photography focus is placed on outdoor, tactical, and unorthodox product photography. In design, my main focus on icon development, visual explanations, brand identities, print, web, and environmental graphics.

I also offer strategic consulting, design thinking and idea generation for retail, consumer-based services, and product-based companies to build identity and greater value for businesses.

And heck, if you want I can also teach you close-quarter combatives.

Work Experience



1994 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States


Advertising Design, Brand Development, Brand Identity, Commercial Photography, Consulting, Creative Direction, Digital Photography, Graphic Design, Marketing, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Visual Communication, Design Thinking, Icon Development, Idea Generation, Stock Photography,