Scott Ramon


Kansas City, MO, USA
I found the last road I now must walk. I walk with a pack of stray dogs, a brick from the tower of Babel, pockets of nuclear winter ash and a talisman from the God of mud.

Work Experience

Terminal House/ Last Lodge

Protoencyclopedist, Codexorcist + Lycanthropic Housekeeper

Present Antarctica

Kansas City Art Institute

Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing

September 2015 - Present Kansas City, Missouri, United States


Director of Graduate Admissions

August 2000 - August 2015 Illinois, United States

California College Of The Arts

Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions

August 1996 - August 2000 San Francisco, California, United States


Herron School Of Art And Design


September 1990 - September 1994 Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

San Francisco Art Institute


September 1994 - September 1996 San Francisco, California, United States


Appropriating Mythologies, Automatic Writing, Cleaning Thee HOUSE, Collecting Haunted Objects, Digging In The Dirt, Drinking Nigorizake., Excavating Alphabets, Fighting Evil, Kabalistic Mapping, Locating Holy Reliquaries, Lucid Dreaming At Night, Making Lists, Matter Imprinting, Nullifying Cold Spots, Opening And Closing Doors, Regeneration, Sleep Walking During The Day, Transmuting Poison,