Jonathan Jennings

Game programmer/ Game designer

Los Angeles, CA, USA
My name is Jonathan Jennings and I am a california based Game Programmer , I received my Game & Simulation programming degree form Devry university in Feb, 2012 and have worked as a mobile game Programmer and VR developer across several titles available on the Oculus Store , iOS app store, and google play. The purpose of this portfolio is to demonstrate my work and experience as a game developer and for both professional and personal reasons . I love playing ,i love making videogames , and i hope I am able to demonstrate that successfully using this portfolio.

Work Experience

Evox Images

VR Engineer

My role at Evox Images includes helping further Develop their uniquely targeted automotive sector basedVR experiences. I have developed experiences for the HTC Vice, Oculus Rift ,Gear VR, and Google Cardboard headsets. Specificially I have implemented third party SDK's ( Flurry) , implemented mechanics for the experience , developed both public - facing apps and client - targeted apps . Done a lot with Json Management and some slight backend integration work . As well as porting the experiences over to the google cardboard .
September 2016 - Present Carson, California, United States

Fisherman Labs

Contacted Unity engineer

I was a contractor With fisherman labs during the development of their Ghostbusters experience . A first for the studio and the first for myself as well . I was responsible for implementing the Google Cardboard SDK , implementing the external environment / tutorial area area, programming certain game mechanics , handling some of the Text and voice over localizations ( namely french and German), some UI engineering / implementation , audio implementation , and more .
July 2016 - October 2016 Playa Vista, California, United States

FunWall Gaming

Unity engineer

FunWall is an innovator in creating Social public and event - based Multiplayer gaming experiences . While on the team some of my responsibilities included prototyping new games , game mechanics programming , implementing multiplayer Networking mechanics , UI implementation , Social SDK implementation and programming of the social components of our games and more. I had a lot of fun working their and my team was amazing.
December 2015 - August 2016 Santa Monica, California, United States

Fuel Entertainment

unity developer

October 2013 - Present Culver City, California, United States

Black Ops Entertainment


I work at black ops entertainment on a contractual basis to implement various unity plugins and help create social media functionality that is intertwined with the core game mechanics.
April 2013 - October 2013 Santa Monica, California, United States


UI engineer

At Emberlab my role is the Front-end Programmer. My responsibilities included creating UI and UX functionality, implementing animations for characters in-game, in menu's, and anywhere a character animates. I also implemented all of the sound effect functionality and etc. this was both my first contractual position and lead position and has allowed me to learn a ton about unity and managing multiple tasks across the board.
December 2012 - March 2013 Orange, California, United States

Sabertooth Interactive

Unity 3d engineer

I am a unity 3d developer for sabertooth interactive I play several roles but primarily work on the GUI team and also assist in the programming
April 2012 - October 2012 Venice, California, United States

420 Game Studios

UI designer/ programmer/ environmental artist

420 studios was the name for my development team during my senior project my role was shared primarily between being the environmental artist and the user interface designer/ programmer.

As an environmental artist i created the terrain for 3 of the 5 levels, was involved in populating / designing 2 of them and basically I had the most experience with creating height maps, and various terrain manipulation/ design techniques. I also researched creating a particle effect that was used originally to create snowfall and eventually was implemented as a sand storm in a teammates level. here my primary tools were photoshop, MS paint, and the terrain modification tool packaged within the unreal development kit.

As the UI designer my role was to focus on creating numerous visual assets that would be consistent with the setting/ atmosphere of our game and also learn how to implement them into the final game. These assets took the form of a main menu, loading screens, dialogue boxes, a death screen, and an inventory indicator that was ultimately unused. my primary tools were using the Scaleform integration features of udk which allowed me to create menus in flash that would function in the unreal development kit with the use of kismet.
June 2011 - October 2011 Pomona, California, United States

All City Management Services

School Crossing Guard

Ensured pedestrians had a safe street-crossing environment while also ensuring not to hinder or slow the flow of traffic.

Being kind and courteous to pedestrians crossing the street.

Being focused and attentive during entire shift.
July 2009 - November 2010 California, United States


DeVry University

Game & simulation prgramming

I attended Devry university for sightly over 3 years to pursue my bachelors degree in Game & Simulation programming . During that time I learned the basis of C++ and object-oriented programming logic as well as several different applications of programming including C++ in Open GL and Direct X , A.I. scripting ( utilizing LUA) , and game engine development.. i did most of this programming within the C++ environment Visual studio ( 2005 and 2010 versions) . I also became familiar with the unreal development kit, unreal script, game maker 7 , game maker script, and action script 2.0 which I used due to me using Adobe flash. m y education at Devry was the basis for my knowledge of all of these whether it be in program knowledge or understanding programming structures such as functions and data classes.
March 2008 - October 2011 Pomona, California, United States


Devry University

Dean's list


Devry University

Dean's list


Devry University

Dean's list


Devry University

Dean's list


Devry University

Dean's list


Devry University

Bachelors degree in Game & Simulation Programming



OctgamerFest-1st place ( Lenzos Halloween Adventure)



Adobe Photoshop, Game Engine Design And Integration With Lab, 3D Studio Max 2009 , 3D Studio Max 2011, 8086 Assembly , Actionscript 2.0, Adobe Flash, Adobe Flash CS5, Adobe Photoshop, Advanced Networking, Audacity Sound Creation Software, Autodesk Scaleform, Blender 3d Modeling Software, C#, C++, C++ ( Object Oriented Programming), Data Structure And Algorithms, Digital Circuit Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Ex2d, Game Maker 7, JavaScript, Magix Music Maker 15 , Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word, Mid-Term Project, Multi-media Programming With Lab, NGUI, Object-oriented Programming, Physics, Practical Game Design With Lab, Prime 31, Programming For MMOG With Lab , Senior Project , Senior Project II , Software Engineering For Game Programming W/ Lab, System Architecture And Assembler, Texture Packer, Unity3D, Unreal Development Kit, Unreal Script,

Additional Information

In my free time when I am not programming , playing , or working on a game I also enjoy writing game design documents. I also have written two 50 + entry journals that contain my own personal analysis about many games spanning across multiple genres. I wrote about what I enjoyed, what I disliked, in some cases how it could be improved, and how sometimes things I never thought I would enjoy yet worked spectacularly.

Also how can i forget i am a big gamer and my gaming tastes change frequently from new to old games, games across various genres, and numerous platforms.

if you would like to contact me, feel free to send me an e-mail at jjennings3@ , thanks !