John Corrigan

Central Air Nomadic Art Space

Saint Paul, MN, USA
I am a strong advocate for the process of design. My goal is to produce impassioned designers with a thorough working knowledge of design systems, conceptual applications, and the means for critical and applied design. I believe that teaching design must fundamentally lay the groundwork of formal structure, offering the ultimate power to confidently manipulate every conceptual aspect of form. Scale, rhythm, hierarchy, typography, symmetry, grids, color, sign, and symbol must systematically be applied to an array of visual communication. Educating young designers about the principal functions of design stimulates their success as visual problem-solvers.

In every stage of design education I feel it is necessary for students to write and conduct research. By reinforcing the research process and encouraging the development of students’ critical writing skills help young designers become equipped to defend his/her own design decisions and creatively respond to the work of their peers. Graphic design is bound to the written word, strong language skills allow for a better understanding of hierarchy, structuring content in an appropriate and meaningful context for the intended audience.

Contemporary designers must navigate through technical advancements and new media. It is my view that the act of making must be taught alongside the act of thinking. Design solutions extend beyond mere aesthetics toward cultural development and influence, social responsibility, and personal voice. As the design profession moves forward it has begun to closely resemble the film industry where collaboration is crucial. Collaborative efforts encourage a richness and depth unseen by singular identities. Collaboration can identify pre-existing strengths and encourage new skill sets to develop.
The rules and formal gestures of design remain present in everything we produce. Each of us – through our unique voice and visual aesthetic – has the ability to develop increasingly complex visual solutions that reflect back upon that which we first learned. The concept of design is a process of organization, applicable to anything; chair or poster composition of words and pictures; a single photograph, or time-based interactive motion graphics consisting of a user defined experience.

Our duty – to encourage future designers; enable them to actively contribute to fields of study outside of graphic design. I strongly believe that we need to inform young designers to be highly motivated thinkers capable of creating innovative solutions to unanswered questions that are simultaneously familiar with the historical time-line of design, and aesthetically foreign all the same.

My teaching methodology blends traditional design practices with theory and historical reference, placing them in contemporary modules of expression. A comprehensive design project must combine technical aspects with form, function, audience awareness, and aesthetics. Graphic design basics must translate to comprehensive decision-making. Students must be taught and encouraged to confidently build and develop physical solutions to abstract concepts. Competent manipulation of text and image can be taught through hands-on physical exercises. Students must be taught to seamlessly convey intent through innovative production methods, whether it is meant for print, web, new media explorations, alternative and green material usage, animation, or sound.

Recently the graphic design community has discussed the expanding pedagogy in the discipline of design. Recent years has shown a paradigm shift from strict visual solutions towards idea based – strategic business solutions. A secondary shift consists of the increased need for media neutrality. The design entrepreneur has become an idea and project generator, able to react and create content, media solutions, new products, and services. Future training must adapt to reinforce and encourage these new demands and opportunities. Design education must evolve to a collaborative educational environment, able to cross media boundaries, taking design out of cloistered academia and unite resources with other departments and other institutions.

Work Experience

Minneapolis College Of Art And Design

Adjunct Faculty

Fall 2016
GRD 3080 – Digital Production
August 2016 - 2016 Minnesota, United States

University Of Wisconsin Stout


Lecturer, Department of Design, University of Wisconsin–Stout. Teaching sections in Graphic Design I-II, Publication Design, Digital Typeface Design; Independent study, Zines: The Art of Self Publishing. Fall 2011, WinTerm January 2012. Academic Calendar: 2011–2012, 2012–2013, 2013-2014.
August 2011 - May 2014 Menomonie, Wisconsin, United States

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Research Internship

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C.
September 2007 – August 2008, paid research internship

Exhibitions Department, Fall 2007. Research assistant to historian Danny Greene. I developed and edited potential content for upcoming exhibition on Nazi Propaganda and anti-Semitism.

Collections Department, Spring 2008. Research assistant to art and acquisitions historian and curator Suzy Snyder. I was responsible for registering recent donations to the museum, providing detailed content listings and Deeds of Gift registration.

Exhibitions Department, Summer 2008. Research assistant to historian Ann Millin. Created and maintained image database for copyright clearance and permissions for online exhibition materials of Nazi propaganda.
September 2007 - August 2008 Washington, District of Columbia, United States


Design Consultant

Graphic Design, Marketing, Interior Design, Furniture Design
2004 - 2006 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States



Graphic Design, Marketing, Branding, Packaging, Restail Signage
2001 - 2002 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Radiator Art Exhibition Co.

Co-founder, Director/Curator

Art Exhibitions, Marketing, Curation, Graphic Design
1999 - 2002 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States


Design Consultant

Compiled and designed 500 ARTISTS RETURN TO ARTISTS SPACE: 25 YEARS, with staff and editors at Design / Writing / Research, directed by Abbott Miller, New York
1998 - New York, New York, United States


Minneapolis College Of Art And Design

Bachelors of Fine Art

BFA — Graphic Design and Typography
1989 - 2004 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Maryland Institute College Of Art (MICA)

Masters of Fine Art —Graphic Design

2006 - 2008 Baltimore, Maryland, United States


Font Lab Studio, Adobe Creative Suite, Copywriting, Font Struct, Letterpress, Photography, Screenprinting, Sketch Up, Worpress,

Continuing Education

• Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle, Maine. Woodcarving taught by Bob Trotman, summer 1995.

• The Loft Literary Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Poetry Journal, taught by Grace Willow Morgan, spring 1999.

• 2012 Open Book Workshop, Lake Anne, MI. Sponsored and programed by Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI summer 2012.


Dimension And Typography: A Survey Of Letterforms In Space And Time. I Space Gallery, Chicago, IL. January 2009.

Artcrank 2007. Invitational Poster Show, One on One, Minneapolis, MN. April 2007.

Ms. Matched. Ivy Lounge, Minneapolis, MN. September 2005.

The Mayor of Uptown. Central Air :: Nomadic Art Space, Minneapolis, MN. February 2005.

89th Annual Fine Arts Exhibition. Juried show, Minnesota State Fair, St. Paul, MN. August 2000.

Radiator .001– UltraNormal. Group exhibition, Radiator Art Exhibition Company, Minneapolis, MN. September 1999.

First Alert: prints and drawings. Dunn Brothers Coffee Gallery, Minneapolis, MN. November 1995.

84th Annual Fine Arts Exhibition. Juried show, Merit Award – drawings, Minnesota State Fair, St. Paul, MN. August 1995.

Selections. Invitational exhibition, Minneapolis College of Art and Design. August 1994.



Graphic Expression of Internment. John P. Corrigan. Published independently, Baltimore, MD, 2008.

Nazi Anti-Semitic Propaganda: Historic Visual Survey. John P. Corrigan. Published independently, Baltimore, MD, 2007.


“Exhibition Catalogs.” Indie Publishing: How to Design and Produce Your Own Book, by Ellen Lupton. MICA and Princeton Architectural Press, 2008. Pages 40, 43, 96-97, 98-101.

Graphic Design: The New Basics, by Ellen Lupton, Jennifer Cole Phillips. Princeton Architectural Press, and Maryland Institute College of Art, 2008. Pages 132, 176-177, 179.


Violet Jo: A divine Spark. Photography by Daniel Peet. Central Air :: Nomadic Art Space, 2011.

Type + Code: Processing For Designers. By Yeohyun Ahn, and Viviana Cordova. MICA: Center for Design Thinking, 2009.

NoNegative: Photographic works by Jerome Page Tobias.
Central Air Nomadic Art Space. 2007.

500 Artists Return To Artists Space: 25 Years. Artists Space, New York, NY. 1998.

2wice: visual/culture/document. Uniform, Vol. 2, No. 2. 2wice Arts Foundation. 1998.