Jim Cook

Jim Cook INC

Point Pleasant, NJ, USA
I am an innovative illustrator and visual storyteller well versed in traditional art mediums and proficient in using current design software. Aside from being highly experienced and familiar with the physical craft of illustration it is equally important to have the consistent ability to understand and interpret text. It is vital for an illustrator to possess the ability to imagine, envision, plan, organize and execute the creation of successful communicative imagery. My passion as an artist is to tell stories through my illustrations. Ever since I can remember I have been doodling and creating pictures that embody the surrounding world I have grown up in. As I grew, so did my focus and determination to create a path and eventually a place for my self in today's art world. Now eagerly beginning my career in the field I am looking to expand artistically through clients and projects. Every job I receive is taken as an opportunity to innovate and aid the birth of an aesthetic image that is what my client had imagined. It is important to me that I will please my client as well as myself. These creative engagements thrive my inspiration and become mutually beneficial as I continue to hone my skills and grow as a visual storyteller. Illustrating is more than just a gig to me, Its my world as it always has been!

Work Experience

Jim Cook Inc.

Illustrator/ Designer

Incorporated and branded myself to achieve a professional image for myself as I continue to freelance as an Illustrator and Designer. Since, I have been completing and seeking relevant jobs in my creative field throughout New York and New Jersey. Attempting to gain the attention of additional bigger clients and more advanced creative jobs. My goal in doing so is to hone my skills, contribute my artistic voice to the creative community, work on improving my portfolio and improve my artistic craft and knowledge. Jobs I have completed under my company name include caricatures, portraits, murals, revamping and creating logos for restaurants and small businesses, preliminary tattoo design, Stickers, Local Flyers, creating T-shirt designs for several companies, events and my own promotional apparel, coordinating, directing and illustrating the production of a self published graphic novel and much more.....
January 2013 - Present New York, New York, United States

Union Landing

Freelance Illustrator/ Branding

Revamping of logo, signs and product design: Commissioned to generate a modern adaptation of an existing restaurant's logo. To revamp an existing nautical spot illustration with type that will identify with a new demographic and share a pop-culture identity while keeping all the original elements of existing designs. Create imagery that will reproduce at a wide rang of sizes and remain uniformly, legible. Ex. Stickers, Pint Glasses, Visors, Mugs and Clothing. To concept a modern interpretation of a historic sign for physical replacement and reproduction posters. Design and improve existing menu to create a more modern look that can identify with renowned seafood restaurants.
June 2013 - July 2013 Brielle, New Jersey, United States

Qigniton Fitness

Freelance Designer

The creative designer/ illustrator in campaigning a new fitness program for Qigntion Co.
My duties were to take the clients initial idea, adapt and transform them into four pieces that would work as both monochromatic and full-color illustrations. Then to design and include type. These images were then used for t-shirts, flyers and promotional posters in New York, NY
April 2012 - May 2012 New York, New York, United States

Grand Central Publishing


Commissioned to illustrate Jack Handey's novel "The Stench of Honolulu" by Hachete Book Group, GCP. Understand and visually interpret the text and devise a dozen spot illustrations to be spread throughout the book. Plan, organize, locate and then create imagery that will serve as stepping stones in the novel. The floating "spot illustrations" are not plentiful in the book and accompany certain vital chapters of his book. Consequentially, it was stressed extremely vital that these illustrations successfully communicate and express key messages in the story. Also, creation of a symbolic icon to serve as the decoration at the start of each chapter that would embody and correlate with story as simply as possible.
July 2012 - September 2012 New York, New York, United States

Plastic People Clothing

Illustrator/ Designer

Assisted and directed the creative production process in designing and formulating the images and content for seasonal clothing lines. Plan and collaborate on individual ideas. Create an illustration based on the decisions of the artistic colleagues. Directed and monitored the progression of imagery as type and design were incorporated. Lastly, to edit and refine before sending to production line.
April 2011 - December 2011 New York, New York, United States


Ringling College Of Art And Design

Associates in Illustration

Best of Ringling Award 2005, 2006 (two works selected), Entry level tuition Scholarship, DEans List 2004-06
August 2004 - April 2007 Sarasota, Florida, United States

School Of Visual Arts (SVA)

BFA in Illustration

Gilbert Stone Memorial Scholarship 2012, Top 10 percentile in class, BFA Illustration and Cartooning Award 2011, SVA Housing Scholarship 2011-12, Deans List 2009-12, Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship
September 2009 - April 2012 New York, New York, United States


School Of Visual Arts (SVA)

Gilbert Stone Memorial Scholarship



BFA Illustration and Cartooning Award


Society Of Illustrators

Student Scholarship Exhibition


Ringling School

Best of Ringling Award


Ringling School

Best of Ringling Award



Caricature, Drafting, Painting, Adobe, Animation, Art Direction, Cartooning , Character Design, Claymation, Color Theory, CS5, CSS, Drawing, Illustration, Illustrator, Ink, Photoshop, Scratchboard, Story Telling, Visual Arts,