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The world sucks, let's make it better. I'm a persistent, ambitious, self-starting problem solver with good manners, a calm demeanour and a passion for improvement. I'd like to make the world an easier and more enjoyable place to be.
  • Graphic Designer
    Sponsor This — Eloff, South Africa
  • Freelance Designer
    Freelance — Delmas, South Africa
  • Screen Printer
    Wanted Clothing — Potchefstroom, South Africa
  • Designer
    SAKSA Technologies / IMUT Group — Waterkloof Ridge, South Africa
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I want to design beautiful, sustainable solutions that make people’s lives richer, easier and more enjoyable. Bonus points if it puts a smile on people's faces and teaches them a thing or two.
Honesty, reliability, quality, creativity, clarity and simplicity.
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