Jakub Exner


Sydney, Australia
Jakub Exner Zoombies is an International Contemporary Digital Artist and Graphic Designer specialising in Digital Vector Illustrations, Logo and Branding Design and Advertising.
He lives in Poland / Wroclaw.

He has worked for commercial graphic studios, designing advertising aids, publicity, promotion, fashion design, model and art photography.

Currently he is represented by:

Gallery: 415jam - New York - US
Gallery: Mahlstedt - Broadway - New York - US
Gallery: Curioos International Online Gallery - Global
Gallery: VIDA Fashion Apparel Design - Global
Portals: Society6 - Coroflot - Cargo - Krop and Artflakes.

Jakub Zoombies style is based on manual line drawing and construction in digital space, developed since year 2012 by computer technic of Vector Line as a combination of earthy elements such as: Wind - Fire - Water - Smoke ( Air ) as to be one united substance in undefined space and time.

Zoombies has emerged first time in year 2008 and as fully developed manual drawing technic with fluorescent and UV colour palette, establishing his place among international contemporary digital Artists around the world since 2012.


Polska BIO.

Jakub Exner Zoombies jest międzynarodowym artystom sztuki cyfrowej, projektantem grafiki i specjalizuje się w ilustracji wektorowej, projektowaniu Logo, fotografii i tkanin.

Równocześnie zajmując się sztukom cyfrową i ilustracjom, pracował dla jako projektant grafiki komercyjnej przy publikacjach, materiałach reklamowych przy promocji i reklamie produktu, jako projektant Logo w studio grafiki, projektując sztukę na odzież, pracował przy fotografii mody i zajmuje się także fotografiom artystyczna.

Obecnie jest reprezentowany przez:

Galeria 415jam w Nowym Jorku - US
Galeria Mahlstedt na Broadway w Nowym Jorku - US
Galeria międzynarodowa Curioos - Online
Galerja Vida Design Moda - Online
Portale: Society 6 - Coroflot - Cargo - Krop i Artflakes.

Work Experience

Cambodia House

Graphic Designer

Designing catalogues, flyers, covers / Cambodia House - Fabrics Studio
December 2007 - March 2008 Sydney, Australia

Blue Bird

Graphic Designer

In general I was designing a lot of printed materials with big margin for creative freedom so I could use my illustrations and be more creative and then later working only with type fonts, including given decorations at times and design commercial artwork. I also did learn how to develop my graphic style as I always wanted to find out that and make progress towards it to improve my workshop and to be recognisable among the other designers.
May 2009 - May 2011 Australia

Jakub Exner Zoombies

Head Designer Freelance Digital Art - Vector Illustration - Logo Design

I am International Contemporary Digital Artist and Graphic Designer specialising in Digital Vector Illustrations Logo Design and Branding, Poster design, Advertising and Typography.
I live in Sydney - Australia and Wroclaw in Poland currently.
I work also for commercial graphic studios, designing advertising aids, publicity, promotion, fashion design, model and art photography at times and cooperate with Galleries and online Graphic Design Studios.
As a freelancer these days I design vide variety of projects mainly focus on Logo Design - Label Design - Logotype / as I design from concept idea and drawing sketches on the paper and transform them into vector digital images, then preparing them for publishing and print. I work on colour separation, proof, imposition, DTP. Design and redesign product label.
August 2012 - Australia



Diploma of Graphic Design 91008NSW

Graduated with Diploma of Graphic Design NSW.
2005 - 2008 Sydney, Australia

Academy Of Fine Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts and Studio Graphics

Studied for four years at the Academy of Fine Arts
Studied separate class of Photography, Manual Graphics and Painting Studio
1998 - 2001 Poland

College Of Art

Bachelor of Arts in History of Art

I studied for five years drawing and painting studio classes, Typography, History of Art and Culture.
1992 - 1998 Jelenia Góra, Poland


English (Fluent),
Polish (Fluent),


Black And White Wroclaw Photography

2nd. place in Black and White Photography Competition - Wroclaw Poland



- Manual Celluloid, 36 Mm. Film, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In Design, Adobe Photoshop, Darkroom Development 
Multimedia, Development Process In, Experimenting With Short, Film Movie Production
Recording, Hi8 N DVD, In First Available, Low To Medium, Manual Process Development, Micro8 Still In, Of Black And, Resolutions Plus Experimenting, Types Such As, White Photographs.
Old School, With Sound Recording.,