Isaac Bidwell

Syracuse, NY, USA
Everything I create is focused to get the viewer/consumer to "feel" something. In a world when everyone is overloaded by advertisements, I aim to focus only on the selected few and wow them. Hopefully if I did my job correctly they enjoy my "art" enough to tell other people about it.

That little bit of insight could save companies millions on promoting a product.

Work Experience

Isaac Bidwell

As a freelancer I've created logos, brands, designed, illustrated sequentials, worked with retailers, published books, screen printed, and turned a bingo hall into your grandmother's house.
1980 - New York, United States

Le Style Moderne


New York, United States


State University Of New York

Bachelors of Science, Marketing

December 2008 Oswego, United States

State University Of New York

Bachelors of Art, Emphasis Graphic Design

Worked as a server, Freelanced, Participated in dozens of art shows and got two degrees? Yep, I'm that good.
December 2008 Oswego, United States


Branding, Creative, Designing , Gallery Coordinator , Illustrating, Marketing, Outside The Box Thinking, Sequential Art ,



"Burlesque" Artifact Gallery, San Francisco (April)

"Quentin Vs Coen II" Spoke Art Gallery, San Francisco (June)

"Wonders of a Forgotten Past" Syracuse (July)

"Humans in Traffic" 111 Mina Gallery, San Francisco (July)

"I Know You Art, But What Am I?" Gallery 1988, L.A. (July)

"Once Upon a Time: Fairy Tale Redux" Thumbprint Galley, San Diego (August)

" CMYK" AXD Gallery, Philadelphia (August)

"Garbage Pail Kids Retrospective" Gallery 1988, San Francisco (September)

"Quentin Vs Coen III" Spoke Art, L.A. (October)

"Monster Madness" Project 1 Gallery, San Francisco (October)

"Dad Dads" Spoke Art Gallery, San Francisco (October)

"Bill Murray Tribute Show" Gallery 1988, San Francisco (November)

"Steve, Memoriam: An Aesthetic Homage to Steve Jobs" (November)

"100 Artists. 100 Works. 100 Dollars" SB Contemporary Art, Windsor, Canada (December)


"Strictly Local" Syracuse Tech Garden, Syracuse (January)

"Super Button Mashers" Oh No Doom, Chicago (February)

"New Works by Isaac Bidwell" Strong Hearts, Syracuse (March)

"Sundry: A Group Art Exhibition" Curated by Thumbprint Gallery, San Diego (April)

"Star Wars Tribute" Strong Hearts, Syracuse (May)

"There's Always Money in the Banana Stand" Gallery 1988, Los Angles (June)

"When Night Falls" Szozda Gallery , Syracuse (July)

"Vexed" Gallery 423 West, Los Angeles (July)

"Crazy for Cult" Gallery 1988, New York (August)

"ReImagined" Phone Booth Gallery, Long Beach (August)

"This Will Increase your X" Gallery 27, Chicago (August)

"Lower Branch Second Anniversary" 111 Minna San Fran (August)

"More Than You Imagined " Bottleneck Gallery (NYC) (September)

"Dead Rock Stars" LTD Gallery Seattle (September)

"Oswego Art Alums" SUNY OSWEGO, Oswego, New York (September)

'Howard Tights His Wrongs" Craft Chemistry Syracuse (September)

"Can't Beat THem Join'em The Zombie Show" BottleNeck (NYC) (october)

"Satan' Little Helpers" Fusion (Syracuse) October

"Bad Dads-A Tribute to Wes Anderson" Spoke Art/New York Comic Con) (October)

Red House Show Syracuse (October)

"Old School Video Game Show" Gallery 1988, LA (October)

"Bad Dads-A Tribute to Wes Anderson" Spoke Art/San Francisco) (October)

"I'll Be Right Back" Tymless Gallery Baldwinsville (October)

"Are You Afraid of The Art?" Gallery 27 Chicago November

"The Gang's All Here" Bottleneck Gallery New York (November)

"Small Stuff 6" Bird and Bear Gallery Lauderhill? Fld.Nov.

"Print Isn't Dead" WWA Gallery, Culver City, CA (Dec)
"Tribute to Judd Apatow" Gallery 1988, LA (December)


"Chapter 315" ,Tymeless Gallery (January)

"Get A Room" Bottleneck Gallery, NYC (Feb.)

"Is this thing On too" Gallery 1988 (March)

"Scorse"An Art Show Tribute" Spoke Art/Bold Hype Gallery NYC (April)

"Bros Before Hoes" Bottleneck Gallery, NYC (May)

"Arch Nemesis" Hero Complex Gallery LA (May)