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Michele Graffieti

Visual designer

Brooklyn, NY, USA
+39 328 9696613
I attended my final year of the Master Degree in Communication Design at the Politecnico di Milano university. Now I’m part of the DensityDesign Lab team in Milan, a research and teaching program of the Politecnico where, besides collaborating in many info-visualization projects, I’m having the opportunity of writing my thesis about the role of storytelling in information visualization developed through a qualitative design approach.
I’ve got a freelance firm, Graphieti Design, by which I produce graphics, illustrations, websites, set designs for theatre and videos. Moreover, it's been two years now I’m working as a designer and website developer at, a creative duo of which I’m a co-founder.
Following my passion, I’ve attended a three-year-acting-school and since 2005 I’m a senior member in a theatre company (L’AltroTeatro) for which I’m also designing the brand identity and the communication system.
Since 2008 I’m a councilman in my local council.
Milan, Italy
Sep 2008
Visual designer
The Map of the Future
published by Wired Magazine (Italian edition, #7 Semptember 2009)

role: concept developer, illustration artist

NetAtWork: the New Socialism
published by Wired Magazine (Italian edition, #15 May 2010)

role: concept developer, data management, illustration artist

DensityDesign for TEDx
client: TEDx Lake Como

role: concept developer, illustration artist, animation, title designer
client: Linneo

role: graphic design, illustration artist, animation, content management

client: Iridescent (Urban School Needs - Los Angeles)

invited project at ‘L’Italia degli Innovatori’ EXPO 2010, Shangai (July 2010)

role: concept interface designer

Nov 2008
Senior designer and creative direction
CityMurmur is a project developed in Madrid, MediaLAB Prado (Visualizar ’08) on November 2008
. Field of interests: information visualization, web design, interactive features, new cartography.

Conferences & exhibitions:

SIGGRAPH 2009 Conference / New Orleans, Louisiana USA (August 3-7, 2009)

invited project in the Emerging Technologies gallery

VirginiaTech Educate 09 Conference / Richmond, Virginia USA (October 2009)

invited project at Innovate 2009

Innovation Circus 2009 / Milan, Italy (October 11, 2009)

invited project at MIP - Milano in Progress

100 Anni di Cartografia in Italia / Milan, Italy (February 27 - March 27, 2010)
Apr 2008Oct 2008
Web and info-visualization designer
Fields of interests: information visualization, web design, interactive features, code development.

Relevant project developed:

2008 USA Presidential Election Map
published on (October/November 2008)

role: illustration artist, animation, code developer (actionscript 2.0, XML)
Domodossola, Italy
Sep 2005
Actor + Graphic designer + Set designer
I'm working as art director for graphic design and i'm an actor of the theater company.
Milan, Italy
Oct 2006
Second level Degree in Communication Design
Competences: designing complex communication artefacts and system, co-ordination and management of communicative processes.
Milan, Italy
Oct 2003Jul 2006
First level Degree in Communication Design
Competences: designing communication artefacts.
Final grade: 110L/110
Domodossola, Italy
Sep 1998Jul 2003
Liceo Scientifico G. Spezia
Scientific secondary school Diploma
Competences: basis of humanities (philosophy, arts, literature, latin and history); focusing on sciences (biology, physics, math, chemistry, organic chemistry, technical drawing)
Final grade: 95/100
Jun 2009
Wolda / Worldwide Logo Design Annual winner '08
Didactic activities
Employer:, Consortium of Politecnico di Milano
Role: Teacher at ‘Master in Strategic Design’

Introductive course (16 h) to the softwares: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

10.2007 / 03.2008
Politecnico di Milano, Design Faculty

Role: Teaching assistant to ‘C.I. Laboratorio di Sintesi Finale (sez. C2)’
alongside Prof. Gianfranco Torri
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