• Pod à porter is the easiest way to wear your music - even if you're not wearing much. No more headphones dangling by your knees; no more ripping the buds from your ears when you take off your jacket. 

    As mp3-players got smaller, until they practically had no controls on them anymore - especially in the case of the iPod shuffle - I always wondered if the archetype had stayed behind a little, only getting smaller.

    I thought that what you need is just the earbuds, and a simple shape to keep them on your body - just like glasses are nothing more then an elegant way to keep lenses near your eyes. The result is this iPod shuffle accessory.

    Precision manufactured from 3D printed polyamide, Pod à porter is ultralight and fits the iPod shuffle 3d generation, leaving all controls accessible.

    For sale, starting around $27, including shipping cost, at: