- Multiple widget desktops designed around a location or activity ie Kitchen, Office, Car- Automatically switches between desktops with GPS and wi-fi mapping- Simplified Collections menu allows browsing via function rather than application

    The behind the the Documents Explore app, is that the documents are laid out on a table (this could be a 'work table' or a 'home accounts table') and you simply zoom in on a page (or single finger double tap) and the page will align, with the editing tools fading in for that specific app.

    All rights for the icons used in this interface belong to their respectful owners. Please contact me if you have designed any of the icons so I can credit you appropriately.

    This project has no association with Microsoft. The project was originally intended for the Microsoft Next Gen Computer competition in 2008. Hence I also looked at the project from a branding perspective and how a product like this might become Microsoft's key arm along with Surface etc.
    This interface was designed before iPhone 3.0, Palm Pre, Android etc, making the ideas original at the time :)

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