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  • Identity + Marketing Design
    for GedDesign Interior Design

    This design was created for GedDesign Interior Design in Victoria, British Columbia.

    Charlotte, the principal at GedDesign needed an updated look for heridentity and marketing pieces that better reflected her personality andbusiness style.

  • We started with the identity and then quickly added a business card and web site to round out her marketing efforts.

    Charlotte liked the simplicity of a black and white theme but we choseto soften up the harsh of the starkness with a warm white and warmcharcoal black.

  • Weadded subtle graphic images to the front and back of the card and ontothe pages of the website to reflect her varied interests.

    On the black background we chose a stylized cityscape.  This helped to express Charlotte's sleek urban style and influence.

    On the white side we wanted to portray the complete opposite side ofher interests by graphically representing her love of nature andconcern for the environment.  She uses this interest in her projectswith her desire to reuse and re-purpose as much as she can with eachproject she embarks on.  We chose the graphic of a row of trees with awindow to show the marriage of her two passions.

    Charlotte was incredibly happy with the outcome of her design and thefeedback she has received from her clients has been amazing.

    She has heard many comments from clients and colleagues expressing that it was a perfect  representation of her personality.