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Greenpeace Greece, ID Re-launch
Greenpeace Greece: ID Re-launching
The environmental organization Greenpeace, had decided to launch a new campaign re-launching their ID here in Greece. We were humbled and excited when we took that responsibility and making it come to life! We illustrated their activities, designed a new corporate brochure, made an animated short and bound a flipbook to accompany it. All of the above warped up in a beautiful multiuse bag that becomes a recycle-bin. Both the brochure and the animation presentation video informs the audience about the values and activities of Greenpeace in an original, compared to their contemporary style, way.
The context of the words shown in the video is: nuclear power / genetically altered products / climate changes / ancient forests / sea ecology and toxic waste. Towards the end of the video the phrase "we can change" appears, followed by, "together we can change the world", expressing the need for joined efforts to make a difference. The core values of the organization, (non-violent confrontation - financial independence - mutual action) appear last and include all that Greenpeace stands and fights for.