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By Kenn. Shinabery

These are some of my older designs.  Please see my Harley Davidson Project to view more of my recent work.

This gallery shows how my various designs can be used in a variety of ways.  I feel it is important to create art that is versatile.  I also like to include some of my older work so that one can see how my art has advanced.

The last two images in this series depict t-shirts based on the Affliction Brand.  I was asked by a company to create some concept work based on the brand and these were the samples that I submitted. 


I have since revamped the original Wookiee Love graphic, by updating the heart. However, with this shoe I would keep it the same.  The new heart has more of a curve to it and is less symmetrical.

I like the idea of designing shoes that you would find in such stores as Journeys.  I also think it would be interesting to design limited edition shoes that could be used as swag for various brands.