Deep Green UIS Sound Design

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  • Deep Green is a beautiful and elegant Chess application
    for iPhone and iPod touch created by Joachim Bondo of Cocoa Stuff.
    For the User Interface Sounds we imagined realistic noises of the board
    combined with a cinematic and steam-punk approach.
    I created a rich set of sounds by using an actual Chess board,
    an old watch, a vintage desk, bells, an instrument from 1899 called
    Harp-o-Chord and other small mechanical tools.

    The game uses an intelligent system that randomizes
    the noises of the pieces moved on the board, allowing
    a sound experience similar to the real game.
  • Here are some pictures from the sound design session
    and a little video with the game in action.
  • For more information about Deep Green
    please visit

    Background image courtesy of
    Caleb Kimbrough at Zen Textures