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  • Sometimes you make plans and things go in such a different way... in this case, maybe it was for the best. This is completely based on "Big Love" and "True Blood", some of my favorite TV series. For a long time now I enjoy the concept of showing different kinds of families and this one goes exactly on that concept. This is a family composed of a human man and his 3 vampire wives. I was going to put a zombie wife too but after the model got ready, her time was over and she had to leave, but we did take some pictures of her and put one here. The staff was amazing and the models did a great job too. I´m really pleased with this one, cuz it opens an interesting door for my future works. Hope you like it.

    Models: Mauricio, Elisa, Pietra & Stéphannie
    Make Up: Rafael Sena
    FX: Gisele & Michan
    Style: Paulo
    Production: Agatha & Eliana
    Photography Assistent: Rodrigo
    Location Scout: Monique