François-Xavier MOUTON

Senior Digital Designer

London, United Kingdom

Work Experience


Senior Digital Designer

Main missions:
• Created original designs following specific briefs and brand guidelines of the clients with attention to details
• Designed variant sizes from approved design
• Sliced approved banners for developers
• Created brand guidelines and slicing guides with InDesign
• Created animated banners with AfterEffects for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop
• Created interactive adverts with Celtra
• Created RMA adverts
• Worked on tight deadlines

Main achievements:
• Worked on for international clients and markets (Sainsbury, Co-op, VW US, VW EU, Porsche, Skoda, Peugeot, Nissan US, Renault, Virgin Media IE, Virgin Atlantic, etc.)
• Worked on complex files architecture in AfterEffects
• Created mock-ups following clients brief and pushed creativity to propose alternative solutions
• Put in place creative pipelines from mock-ups to live ads: pitch work, final mock-ups, clients feedbacks, variant creations, slicing, developers feedbacks for production, QA in live environment
• Understanding development environment and ability to locate if problems were relative to design or development
• Problem solving in relationship with Account Managers and/or developers team
• Organisation Process to be able to locate easily what campaign was made for what brand at a certain moment in time
• Production animated or static adverts
• Tasks estimations
• Managing high volume of production with AfterEffects and Premiere
• Improved AfterEffects level from intermediate to advanced thanks to the different projects and training (AfterEffects Advanced at MediaTraining Ltd)
August 2015 - August 2020 United Kingdom

Institut G4

Pedagogic / Project Coordinator

Institut G4 is a IT/Multimedia & Project Management professional education institute. More information on

Main Missions:
• Applied pedagogical assets on the Parisian campus
• Hired teachers & IT consultants to animate different courses
• Managed teachers budget - 38k€ for a year
• Participated in students recruitment process
• Supported students on projects management, UX, product and new technologies • Evaluating the students on their abilities to drive a project
• Provided training in different technologies (Blender, ActionScript 3, Graphic Design, Post Production)
• Produced different media to promote the trainings catalogue

Main achievements:
• Worked on the courses content to have national references on the courses content. Improved the courses program
• Designed new newsletter design. Used it with MailChimp to send emailing campaigns
• Produced videos to promote the company, events, students experience. Analysed the target of the movies, draw storyboards, shoot the subject and did the post production
• Developed a web site with Drupal. This web site was for the students so they could produce articles about technologies or project management subjects in order to improve their online visibility
• Helped the students on their projects on different level. Gave them advices to improve the product they worked on (functionalities, ergonomics) and how to improve their project management (organisation, task management, Gantt diagram, PMI, Agile with Scrum). Gave them feedbacks on their work, their project management methods, or oral presentations
• Problem solving
• Team building
• Spare 20% of the budget for the teachers
Paris, France


Graphic Designer

Main Missions:
• Created an interactive DVD
• Web mastering: updating & created websites, emailing campaigns
• Created design for print: booklets, reports, brochures

Main achievements:
• Produced 18 animated videos using Blender. Did the whole process from the modelling to the animation. Rendering was outsourced by a supplier.
• Produced 18 animated videos using Blender and 15 documentaries
• Prototyped a UX design for the DVD Interface then I did the UI design and developed it using Oriented Object Programming
• Developed a module to generate newsletters with JavaScript. The generated newsletter were send in emailing campaigns.
• Updated main website content
• Updated the web TV website. Wrote functional specifications for external supplier. Followed the progress of the projects : evolution of the work of the supplier. Finished the deployment of the web site and integrated the content
• Conducted or participated in meetings with suppliers or clients
• Designed reports - sometimes with 250 pages within a week for the French President
October 2009 - June 2011 Paris, France

MB Diffusion

Graphic Designer

Main Missions:
• Created new web designs
• Designed advertising banners with Flash
• Web mastering: updated & created websites, emailing campaigns Web mastering: updated & created websites, emailing campaigns
• Print Design: Kakemonos, poster and flyers for different events

Main Main achievements:
• UX Design: From prototyping to pixel perfect designs. Each member of the design pole submitted some mock-ups and my design were successful: the direction picked one of mine. After many brainstorming with the CEO, and got a brand new design. In 2014, there was around 3 millions visits per month.
• Created new templates for the intern CMS
• Created new logo for the brand. Logo was printed on some novelty items for clients
• Improved banners quality with ActionScript3
• Team work: joined a 7-members design pole
Évry, France


3D Team Project Manager / 3D Artist

Marseille Area, France

4 Months Pedagogic project during my formation at Institut G4

Main Missions:
• Created animated movies with Blender
• Wrote deliverables & reports about the organisation and the progression of the project
• Managed a 5-members team
• Team management, attributing tasks, problem solving, team work

Main achievements:
• Wrote scenarios, style definition document, reports to the managers
• Conducted Meetings with the client
• Producing the movies in 6 weeks and delivered in time
• Improved modelling and animation skills with Blender
• Training the rest of the team to animation principles

Cf. 4MM in Education for more information
Marseille, France

New Holland

Graphic Designer

Main Missions:
• Created a printed catalogue
• Respected the guidelines of the brand
• Worked with the marketing department

Main achievements:
• Designed prototypes
• Improved the approved prototype
• Integrated the products – images and informations

• The final result exceed expectations from the marketing department, the budget was increased to do the final print with better quality paper
• The company replicated the catalogue for the UK Market
July 2008 - July 2008 Étampes, France

Chic Dressing

Web Designer

Online retail website purchased by

Main Missions:
• Picture editing and image processing
• Created a new design for the website
• Created emailing campaigns

Main achievements:
• Improved speed of image processing process
• Prototyped a UX design before the UI final design
October 2007 - June 2008 Marseille, France


IUT Arles

DUT Services et Reseaux de Communication

September 2005 - July 2007 Arles, France

Institut G4

Master Degree in Media and Management

September 2007 - July 2010 Marseille, France


English (Conversational),
French (Native),


Advertising Campaign, Blender, Brand Analysis, CSS, HTML, Logo, Print Design, UI, UX Design, UX/UI, Web Design,