Fiorinna Diaz

UX/UI Product Designer

Santiago, Chile
UX Digital Product Designer.
Founder Director @limalimonetwork

Work Experience


UX/UI Designer

Research, teamwork leadership, challenge and exercise new knowledge or skills. Develop methodologies interesting, friendly work with entrepreneurship, sustainability, social studies, education, innovation and new trends.

UX Product Design.
Project Management
Map Design Flow Interaction, Usability & Wireframes for different users.
Architecture & Design of Digital Products and Mobile Applications.
· Kanban · Sketch Design Art Direction · Infographics · Illustration

[Study on constant research, development and application]
Flow, Architecture, Experience & Interaction Design · UX / UI Design Responsive + Business + Mobile Product Marketing + Design user-centered research and interviews · Usability · inVision prototyping and iteration languages ​​· Trends and Design · Graphic Identity environments · Onboardings native and mobile lifecycle and product optimization perception · sustainable and scalable user experiences.
January 2005 - Present Chile



Product Designer

· What does a product designer · How to go digital graphic designer · Basic use of Sketch (wireframe mockup with the same tool) · User Experience · Wireframing / Interactive Flow · User-centered design · How do user testing · Usability research and interviews with customers · User Interface · Prototyping and iteration with inVision · Trends and design languages · Graphic identity in native environments and mobile · Copywriting: The copy is UI · Developing · Integrating design and development teams Vs. native design and development Web · Interaction methodologies programmer / designer · Interface design guidelines and shared roadmaps · Quality Assurance processes in design · Delight (Micro interactions) · Onboardings and product life cycle · Microinteractions: Likes, favs, shares · When polishing vs. When delivered · Product Marketing · Preparation before production · Product marketing and product positioning · Storytelling Product · Optimization of user perception / User Reviews
March 2015 - Present Bogotá, Colombia


Spanish (Native),
Nederlands (Native),
English (Advanced),


Design Thinking, Kanban , Mobile Apps, Photoshop, Project Managment, Sketch, UX Design, Wireframe,