Eric Bellefeuille

UX Designer - Unity

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I have over 18 years of experience in the multimedia industry including web agency, mobile social networking application development and video game companies (psp, ps2, ps3, xbox 360, wii, pc and mobile). Furthermore, in the last year I have been directly involved as an Art Director Presentation leading the user experience for Deus Ex Human Revolution (PS3, Xbox360 and PC) . I am proficient in leading UX creative development, pipeline development for UX teams, prototyping flash use case scenarios and also have been directly involved with Scaleform 2.X and Unity 3D UX/UI development.


- Art Direction/Creative Direction

- User Experience Design

- Information Architecture

- Interactive Media (Web, Mobile and Videogames)

- Motion Graphic Design (After effect and Flash)

- Brand Development

- Concept Development Strategy

- Team Management

Work Experience


Lead UI

December 2011 - Montreal, Canada

Eidos Montreal - Square Enix Group

Art Director Presentation

As Art Director Presentation my everyday task is to lead and stimulates our creative team for all UI aspects in the game (Cinematics, motion graphics, user interface menus, HUD elements, brand management, marketing support). I am also directly involved in supporting the production pipeline between UI artist and UI Programmers.

Past projects
- Deus Ex Human Revolution (PS3)
- Deus Ex Human Revolution (Xbox360)
- Deus Ex Human Revolution (PC)
- Deus Ex Human Revolution - DLC The Missing Link

Current project
- Unannounced Project
April 2010 -

Behaviour Interactives (formerly Artificial Minds And Movements)

Art Director MMO Studio

Monkey Quest - Online PC MMO
As Artistic Director, my daily tasks involved directing the 2D & 3D artists on our MMO team as well as maintaining our Creative Director vision on Monkey Quest. I was also directly involved in the online user experience strategy (web portal development) as well as the development of the user interfaces in general in the studio. Equally, my tasks encompassed the creation of several pitches and client presentations. To date, I've participated in the development of three MMO projects, two of them on a Flash platform and Monkey Quest on Unity web based platform.
August 2008 - April 2010 Montreal, Qc, Canada

Ubisoft Entertainement (Videogames Industry)

Senior User Interface Designer (UX)

Splinter Cell Conviction (PS3, Xbox360)
As a Senior UI Artist my daily tasks consisted of developing and supporting the implementation of all the graphic elements needed for the creation of the single player and multiplayer interface designs for the upcoming Splinter Cell Conviction on XBox 360. I have also been direclty involved with Scaleform 2.X development in our team and know the limititation of the platform.
April 2008 - July 2008 Montreal, Qc, Canada

Artificial Minds And Movements (Videogames Industry)

Senior User Interface Designer (UX/UI)

As a Senior UI Designer my daily tasks consisted of developing and supporting the implementation of all the graphic elements needed for the creation of interface designs for the PS2, WII, PS3 and Xbox 360 based A2M games. The creation of event based presentations and the marketing presence of the company also feel under the responsibilities assigned to me. I have also been direclty involved with Scaleform 2.X development in our team and know the limititation of the platform. My skills were also often requested by the sales department at A2M for the production of documents and style guides for various new IPs and pitches.

Here is a list of the larger projects I was involved in:
- High School Music Hall
- Spiderman PSP
- Power Rangers PSP
- Power Rangers PS2
- Indiana Jones PS2
- Indiana Jones Wii
- Wet Xbox 360
- Ironman PS2
- Ironman PC
- Ironman Wii
- Kung Fu Panda Wii
April 2007 - April 2008 Montreal, Qc, Canada

Nokia Canada (formerly Oz Communications)

Senior User Interface Designer / Information Architect (UX Mobile)

My main responsability was to support all the graphic design development and assist the information architecture department in the R&D process for all OZ Communications mobile clients and different platform.

Here is the list of OZ Communications clients i have been involved with:
- American Greetings
- Google (Gmail/Gtalk)
- Windows Live
- Yahoo! (Mail and Messenger)
- Pantech
- Samsung
- Blackberry
- Motorola
- Nextel
- Nokia
- LG
- Sony Ericsson
- Imode
- Bougues
- AT&T
- Alltel
- Axcess
- Bell
- Fido
- Rogers
- Cingular
- Dobson
- Helio
- Orange
- Moviestar
- O2
- Telefonica
- Sprint
- T-Mobile
- Virgin Mobile
- Wanadoo
May 2005 - April 2007

Generation Multimedia (Web Firm)

Creative Director

As a Creative Director, my everyday tasks inlcude the creation of user interface and all associated front end requirements, building information logic by segmenting the clients' content properly,optimising the web usability and typographical hierarchy, establishing good branding approaches, listening to the client and developing integrated solutions based on their needs as well as assisting the sales department by presenting, educating and challenging the clients on their interactive project. I am also in charge of educating and informing the client on the new web standards of today.

Here is a list of the clients I worked with at Generation Multimedia:
- SPA Nordique
- Mont Saint-Sauveur International
- Owl's Head Ski Resort
- Pay Systems
- Mikes Restaurants
- Restaurant Moes
- Restaurant Vinni Gambinies
- Restaurant Baton Rouge
- Corbeil Electro Menager
- Mont Gabriel
- Mont Avila
- Mont Saint-Sauveur
- Mont Edeilweis
- Jay Peak Resort
- Alyeska Resort
- Immunotec Research
- Canderm Pharma
- Restaurants Queue de Cheval
- MBCO Montréal Boulangerie
- Chronogen Pharma
- Les Restaurants Nickels
- Restaurant 40 Westt
- Montreal Children Hospital
- Starlight Foundation
- Kidney Fundation
- Ski Vermont Association
- Pinacle
- Liquid Boardwear
May 2002 - May 2005 Montreal, Qc, Canada

K-Os Multimedia (Web Firm)

Senior User Interface Designer (UX/UI)

At K-OS Multimedia my work was to create a full user experience for a broad range of clients. E-commerce, pharmaceutical, retail, fashion and non profit organisation were just a few of the types of website I used to build for K-OS Multimedia.

Here is a list of clients I worked on at K-OS Multimedia:
- Futureshop
- Les Épiciers Métro
- Reitmans
- Yellowbox
- Mikes Restaurants
- RW & Co
- Ernest
- Annex Fashion Site
- Madison Square Garden
- Laura
- La Senza
April 2001 - May 2002 Montreal, Qc, Canada

Microcell Solution (Mobile Firm)

Senior User Interface Designer (UX/UI)

At Microcell I was assigned to the redesign the user experience for V3.0. I was involved the creation of all the scenarios and information architecture for the section called Myfido and also worked on the business vs customer segmentation. Myfido is a fully customizable user experience where the client can update their account, their phone plan, pay their bill online and also access private information for the mail and text messaging account along with many other features.
2000 - 2001 Montreal, Qc, Canada

Catalpa Design

Art Director

My responsibilities as an Artistic Director at Catalpa Design included leading a group of graphic designers while ensuring the artistic quality of various print projects (corporate brochures, packagings, standees, sell sheets, corporate branding, posters, media kits, etc.) for numerous clients.

Here is a list of the various projects I directed as an Art Director:
- Bristol Myers Squib
- Merck Frosst
- Ricard
- Finlandia
- Lactantia
- Reynolds
- Carling
- Boiron
- Frisco Bay
- Labatt
- Aquastar
- Sealtest
- Hilary Hardley
1999 - 2000 Montreal, Qc, Canada

Ubisoft Entertainement

North Amercian Offline Studio Manager

My tasks as studio manager included the production of all English and French packaging for the North Amercian Market for all Ubi Soft games. I was also involved on a daily basis in dealing with the offices located in other countries (14 countries) in the gathering of all the creative materials as well as sharing all print Materials with other studios. My mandates included packagings, instruction manuals, displays for events like E3, corporate material, making artwork for the front end packaging, dispatching works with 3D modelers and 2D illustrators for the overall marketing initiatives for new video game products and also challenging ideas from the artist. I was also the one responsible for leading 3rd party providers for the technical aspect with printers to ensure that the work flowed properly and without any incidents during the production of printing pieces (varnish, hot stamping, dielines, press validation, saturation and color quality on the final pieces).

Here is a list of the various projects I have managed as Studio Manager at Ubisoft Entertainment:
- Playmobile Alex Build His Farm (PC)
- Playmobile Hype Quest (PC)
- Playmobile Laura et le Secret du Diamant (PC)
- Speed Buster (Dreamcast)
- F1 Monaco Racing (PC)
- Amerzone (PC)
- Tonic Trouble (PC)
- Arcana
- Rayman 2
- Ubisoft E3 Events
- Ubisoft Corportate Collaterals
1997 - 1999 Montreal, Qc, Canada

Cactus Communications

Art Director / Co Owner

My responsibilities at Cactus Communication as an Art Director was to encompassed the creation of many print collaterals and general branding management. At that time i was also directly involved in business development with many Design Firms and Advertising agencies.

Here is the list of clients we were working for:
- Les Maisons de la Presse Internationale
- Yves Rocher
- Pharmacie Jean Coutu
- Familiprix
- Gang Details
- BCP Publicis
- Elle Decoration
- Rivard Communications
- Fairview Pointe-Claire
- Les Galeries Rive-Nord
1994 - 1997 Montreal, Qc, Canada


UX Designer

Provide UX alignment, expertise, frameworks and guidelines to developers and the community that result in every user being able to easily, efficiently and delightfully achieve their desired outcomes when using Unity’s products and services.
July 2018 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Université Du Québec à Montreal

Communications Graphiques

1990 - 1992

Cégep De Rivière-du-Loup

D.E.C in Graphic Design (College Diploma)

1987 - 1990


English (Fluent),
French (Native),


Les Prix Boomrangs

2 Times finalist at the Boomerange Interactive Awards in 2005



Art Direction/Creative Direction, Brand Development, Concept Development, Illustration, Information Architecture, Interactive Media, Motion Graphic Design (After Effect And Flash), Photography, Pixel Art, Team Management, User Experience, Vector Art,

Additional Information


Art Director / MMO A2M Online Studio
Artificial Mind & Movement

“Eric has brought to the table his passion and his experience in Art Direction in several projects that I've managed in the A2M Online Studio, his input has always been extremely valuable. More than a Director, Eric has the ability to manage human relations and create/manage strong team synergy. His extensive UE experience has been a huge benefit on our projects.” April 14, 2010

1st Stephane Jankowski, Producer, Artificial Mind & Movement
managed Eric at Artificial Mind & Movement


“Eric is someone you can go to and suddenly start brainstorming with ease. He always listens to ideas from everyone, and his enthusiasm really comes through when it comes to his perception of creating good animation. His pretty darn good as a UI Senior as well! And as an Art Director too! A great addition to any team i say!” March 15, 2010

1st Taran Matharu, Senior Animator, Artificial Mind & Movement
reported to Eric at Artificial Mind & Movement


“Eric is one of a kind. He works fast with extremely high quality. His stuff is dead-on and blows people's minds time after time. As a collegue, it is a very humbling and learning experience, as a customer, it's repeated satisfaction. His skills are many and his flair legendary. Ask him about his fishing stories. I would love the priviledge to with him again, I learned so much.” September 12, 2009

1st Joe Gingras, User Interface Designer, Artificial Mind & Movement [A2M]
worked directly with Eric at Artificial Mind & Movement


“Eric is detail oriented and focuses on delivering the highest quality product in the time allocated. He is extremely diligent in returning requests and is very approachable. He is inclined in maintaining the quality of his work while promoting best practices that create and promote efficiency. I strongly recommend Eric and would hire him again, would I be given the chance.” February 21, 2008

1st Victor Gomez, Custom Development Manager, OZ Communications
managed Eric indirectly at Artificial Mind & Movement


“Eric is probably one of the most creative people I know. As a digital artist he comes up with new concepts quicker than any illustrator I've met. His artwork never ceases to amaze me either. I imagine it must be tough to be his lead for the simple reason that when he is asked to concept an idea all his submissions are equally amazing. He is also a very outgoing and friendly person. When I first met Eric it felt like we had worked together for years already. He's a superb candidate for any company.” February 17, 2008

1st Marc D'Amico, Senior VFX Artist / Technical Lead Artist, A2M
worked directly with Eric at Artificial Mind & Movement


“Eric is one of the most creative people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He has a strong dedication to doing whatever it takes to get a job done and a willingness to learn new things and grow his skills in new directions. He has a vast knowledge within his domain and strong leadership skills.” February 8, 2008

1st Shawn Guzzo, Technical UI Designer, Artificial Mind and Movement
worked directly with Eric at Artificial Mind & Movement


“Being the senior employee that he is, Eric understands the value of delivering high quality on time. He never missed a deadline due to his gift of shifting his priorities around.

By being a great listener he was also able to understand the customer's needs and more than often did he deliver more than was expected - to the customers delight.” February 7, 2008

1st Guillaume Dupuis, Configuration Management, OZ Communications
worked with Eric at Artificial Mind & Movement


“He is the best you can find if your looking for outstanding graphing designs and enhanced usability.” February 7, 2008

1st Joel-Dany Thorne, Web Integrator, Generation Multimedia
worked indirectly for Eric at Artificial Mind & Movement