Niklas Åkerblad

Gothenburg, Sweden
Lets see....there are a few different answers to that question depending on the situation. Just like any religion it is hard to find one single goal or dogma that represents and works as a sovereign statement in all and every situation where a statement is asked for.
"To inspire a better world" might be such a purpose for art. Or just this, as we constantly go about our everyday lives and improve our material capital we also must balance this with emotional capital. Art is a provider of emotional capital and thus that should be its dogma. But every artist has his or her own goal. Mine is to inspire awareness and compassion. Through them we can find and experience love and well, as John Lennon said, love is the answer.

That and that the internet is too fast. You probably didnt even read this far. Chum. If you did. Good man.

Work Experience

Shortfuse Entertainment

Art Director, Animator and bla bla bla.

It is not important anymore. I did stuff for a couple of years and caught some tools of the trade.


Högskolan I Skövde

BAchelor of fine arts

Also it doesnt really matter. I went to school, got laid, picked up some more tools of the trade, smoked too much pot and became aware of the notion that all is not well in the world.


Swedish (Native),
English (Fluent),


Nordic Game Programme

A lot of money to make a game.



Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Fruity Loops, Oil Painting, Pen And Ink, Soundforge, Watercolor Painting,


I just wanna create stuff and inspire people to live better lives. None of this really matters except that.