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Erivan Witamar

EW Design Studio

Sao Paulo, Brazil
55 11 3042.8470
My 20 years career was built under graphic arts process, since 1989 when I started to learn Offset Printing, then attended to 3.5 years of Graphic Design Course, plus 1.5 year of internship including both courses.

My first 4 years of work were made into Ad Agencies (1995-1999), then I accepted an invitation to join a packaging design department at Novartis Brazil, where in only 6 months I reached the department coordination and after more 1 year I was invited to become a Packaging Design Exclusive service provider which gave me the opportunity to start my first design firm called Madhouse PackWorks (2001-2013).

After some time (from 2005 on) into the packaging design business I felt the need to recover my main and preferred design skills at Brand Design and founded another business called You - Brand Psychology which was a Brand Strategy Consulting firm and stayed like this until the end of 2011 when I decided to change its role a little bit to become simply a Individual Design Studio, called EW Design Studio, and that's my business until these days.
Work Experience
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Jan 2013Present
Design Administrator
The EW Design Studio is the result of two parallel experiments in two of our main areas: Brand Design and Packaging .
In April 2001, we founded Madhouse Packworks to meet Pharmaceutical Laboratories, which have great demand in the Development of Artworks for the packaging of their drugs . Our first customer in this area was Novartis Biosciences (covering several of its divisions), then came Latinofarma, Libbs, Sandoz, Schering - Plough (now MSD ) among others .
In late 2005 , brought to market, a more strategical design purpose: You - Brand Psychology whose focus was a strategic consultancy for building brand personality . The You - Brand Psychology helped to boost the image of several companies of all sizes and market segments, and in early 2012, we decided to join the success stories of these two companies into one, which we called EW Design Studio. Since then, our proposed work has attracted several companies that have benefited from a serious, comprehensive and complete design solution, both in print media as well as in digital media. Learn more by exploring our site.
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dec 2005Dec 2012
You - Brand Psychology
Brand Consultant
Starting from marketing and consumers studies we create Brand Personality and develop Brand Communication Strategies that can make your customers choose your brand. We define and create Brand Equity which are not vulnerable to trends and fashionableness so that they can aways be aligned to your clients. We creat high market valued brands which brings growing returns on communication investments.
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Apr 2001Dec 2012
Madhouse PackWorks
Packaging development process for various kinds of industries such as Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Food Industries, including technical, legal, and graphic aspects.
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Apr 2009Mar 2013
Universidade Paulista
Bachelor in Business Administration
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Feb 1992Dec 1995
Theobaldo De Nigris
Graphic Arts Technician
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Feb 1989Jun 1991
Felício Lanzara
Offset Printing
English (Fluent)
Adobe Creative Package, Cheetah 3D, Inventor Fusion, Iweb, Keynote, Microsoft Office, Numbers, Pages, ViaCad2D3D
Lectures and Courses
2013/05/19 - Soa Jose dos Campos - SP
17:30 h - 18:30 h
Bom Garfo Business Fair - Arena SEBRAE
Packaging Design for food: Essential Tool for competitiveness.

2004/09/22 - Sao Paulo - SP
11º Brazilian Packaging Congress - ABRE (Brazilian Packaging Association)
"The Common Language of Seduction"

2004/Jun - Packaging Design Basics
Impacta Tecnologia - SP/SP - Brazil
64 h

2004/03/11 - Sao Paulo - SP
10:00 - 11:30 h
Packaging Week - IBEM
Packaging Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Audience: 100 people