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I'm a Hungarian graphic designer started from verbal communication: grammar, literature and semantics. I started to learn digital graphics 4 years ago in an evening course as a hobby, and it was 3 years ago, when I made the decision to became a designer. I love to create and I hope you will enjoy my creations.
Drekinn means dragon, and I have two dragons in my logo as two famulus. Dragons in fantasy world are strong, undaunted and - leastwise the good ones - sage and conscious. I think creatives need all of these capabilities.
I drink coffe every morning (decorated with latte art by my husband); I travel a lot in Europe, on the back seat of a sport motorbike; I play boardgames with my friends and my family; I write a novel; I love mythologies and grammar and communication and human relationships; I smile a lot. This is who I am.
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