David Adamu

Product Designer

Lagos, Nigeria
I'm concerned with the everyday application of design, from the moment you wake up and hit that alarm, to having breakfast with those sleek utensils, and even commuting & interacting with humans in your daily ordeal. Yes, our world is made of products, and it is our heritage as designers to create beautifully designed products, building awesome user experiences to better the lives of humans. As we embark on this journey, we MUST constantly look for the nasty little things that are broken in our lives, and 'hack' together products that fix them.

This is the purpose for which I exist.

Work Experience


Product Designer

Design products to facilitate the Apprenticeship program.
December 2018 - Lagos, Nigeria


Brand Designer

Manage the brand of Launchpad, co-working space in five cities across the US.
November 2017 - November 2018 New Jersey, United States

Alpha & Jam

Senior Creative Director

My Work at Alpha&Jam Nigeria encompassess overseeing creative affairs of the company, developing brand strategies for our clients & our brand, and ensuring/maintaining world standards in creative processes. Strong focus on technology, inspiration, collaboration, team growth, and great creative work.
- Brand development, Website UI/UX and ad revenue. Developed expansion strategy for the company.
- Strategic Consulting, advising clients' on brand personality maintenance and structuring brand campaigns. Clients include Unity Bank, HP & Indomie.
- Structured effective campaigns for Kellogs, Pringles, Minimie Chin-Chin, Baxi Box
- Developed UI for facebook games: Indomie Peppersport, Chivita 100% Frooty Score, Dano Tennis game & Dano Puzzle.
August 2016 - December 2016 Nigeria


Founder & Creative Director

WeAce was my first attempt at starting a startup. WeAce was founded on the idea that, the major difference between developed and underdeveloped entities (cities & business) is 'branding'. As you commute through these cities through vast troves of advertising campaigns and wayfinding systems; interacting with small & medium businesses and getting a hang of consumers' perception towards design and seeing how culture influences design - It becomes apparent that the way products are sold and communicated to the population largely differs. WeAce aimed to close the gap between these entities by creating world-class identities for brands and seeking newer ways with which people could be engaged qualitatively.
In the lifetime of the agency, we were able to work with a few clients like Softcom NG, Homescapes, African Leadership Development Centre & Melting Moments.
The name 'WeAce' was inspired by 'We' striving to 'Ace Brands'.
February 2015 - August 2016 Lagos, Nigeria


English (Fluent),
Hausa (Fluent),
French (Beginner),


Covenant University

College Week (Synergy 2016) - Creative Influencer of the year


Covenant University

College Week (DeltaMorph 2015) - Creative Influencer of the year



Branding, Digital Art, Graphic Design, Product Design, Product Management, Typography, UI/UX,