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David Martínez Romero

Director, Eldorado Entertainment

Madrid, Spain
The first objective I expect to achieve by joining Behance is to approach the creative professional world, the better if internationally. Being in direct contact with the projects shown here, I hope to increase my knowledge of the global environment in its most varied aspects, and especially those related to audiovisual production.

And of course, I also want to publicize the work done by the production company that I represent, and my role in each. Hopefully, I will come into contact with other professionals with whom to share experiences, discuss the featured projects, as well as I may find future contributions and even business opportunities.

Work Experience

Eldorado Entertainment

Creative General Manager

Eldorado Entertainment is an audiovisual content Production Company, born with the same subject to the above. Once created La Señora Claypool, Eldorado Entertainment remains as Production Company intended to producing documentaries and fiction projects: TV series, TV Movies, short and feature films (some already in advaced stages of devolepment).

During the 5-year history of this company, I have worked and learnt as much as I have been able to: finally, this year 2011 I completed my first short film production, written and directed by me: "The Offer". Hopefully an important step on the way to film production.
January 2007 Madrid, Spain

La Señora Claypool


La Señora Claypool is an audiovisual contents Production Company conceived to produce TV Commercials, Spots, Corporative Video, Visual Animation, 3D Animation as well as motion graphics. It is also the audiovisual production division of El Señor Goldwind, one of the top four agencies in Spain in terms of turnover, and the leading agency in the field of newsmaking.

I hold the post of General Manager, Production Manager and also Director of some productions in the field. I have participated from the project conception, through the business plan definition, the strategic determination, to even personal selection and training of professional staff (6 permanent staff and a broad range of free lances and corporate partners). They are also my duties: managing commercial relations, developing new business, conducting the edition and postproduction department, directing production, and, as I wrote before, also directing projects themselves (music videos, spots, etc.). In addition I oversee all the agency’s audiovisual processes.
November 2010 - November 2011 Madrid, Spain


Facultad De Ciencias De La Información - Universidad Complutense


October 1995 - June 2001 Madrid, Spain

International School Of Film And Television

Courses about the dramatic construction: "Working on the play, directing the performances"
January 2004 - February 2004 San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba

Istituto Italiano Di Cultura

Courses of speaking, writing and translation of Italian.
October 1996 - June 1999 Madrid, Spain


Spanish (Native),
English (Fluent),
Italian (Fluent),