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Greetings Fellow Creatives - I'm David J Bromley, a Richmond, Va. based artist and photographer with a skill for writing, cartooning, educating and acting. Nothing is more interesting than creative people and anyone that puts forth an effort has my interest and plaudits.
  • Adjunct Faculty
    Virginia Commonwealth University — Richmond, VA, USA
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Design is advanced composition - I am a designer. The better the design, the easier the works appear to have been conceived. But Looks, as we know, can be Deceiving. We all strive to communicate with an audience - hopefully of seven or more people - so simplicity is an art that affords understanding.
Cycling & Running; Old Comic Books & Independent Publishers; Reruns on TV (Alfred Hitchcock; Phil Silvers; etc.); Authors such as Shakespeare and Robert E. Howard; Music such as Frank Sinatra and Johnny Cash.
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