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Boris Stanimirović

Industrial Designer

Wien, Austria
Work Experience
Vienna, Austria
Mar 2011
Industrial Designer (freelance)
Pulse chair for Wiesner Hager, AT

Responsibilities: Detail design, modelling and final surfacing of the chair
Head designers : Karin Santorso, Barbara Ambrosz
Technology: Class A : NURBS surfacing, Foam Injection, Upholstery
Vienna, Austria
Jan 2010
Industrial Designer // Luthier
Handcrafted guitars of highest quality.

Responsibilities: Design and production of electric guitars. Lutherie, Woodworking, Handwork
Vienna, Austria
Mar 2009Jul 2009
Industrial Designer (freelance)
Product LINE of Home spas and product accesories for Wellis, HU

Responsibilities: Modelling, design of accessories, jets, pillows, controls and skimmer.
Head designer: Francois Gustin
Technology: Thermoforming, Injection Molded Plastics
Nov 2006Mar 2007
Guanho Hardware
Industrial Designer (freelance)
Product family of door and window handles, escutcheons, and following accessories, designed in colaboration with Chinese factory.

Responsibilities: Concept design, design, modelling and final surfacing
Technology: cast Zinc Alloy, Anodizing
Belgrade, Serbia
Oct 2004Jun 2008
Professor of Industrial Design
Responsibillities: Lecturing and team leading, student guidance.
Writing design briefings, assignments and follow up of student work.
Belgrade, Serbia
Sep 2003Mar 2006
User Interface Designer
Animation, Motion Graphics, Action Script programming.
Vienna, Austria
Oct 2009Present
Magister studium, Industrial Design
Innovation and Concept generation oriented programme.
Belgrade, Serbia
Oct 1994Jul 2003
Master of Industrial Design
Industrial Design programme, oriented towards problem solving, form, ergonomics, technology and production methods. Rendering, Modelling, Project Development.
Core Competences
Analytical, Solution oriented, Problem Solver

User interfaces (mechanical, electronic, digital, haptic)
Tools of the Trade
Rhino, Solid Works, Spaceclaim, Hypershot, Keyshot, Corel Draw, Adobe Suite, Flash...
Other Competences
Good Communication Skills
Open Mindedness
Conflict Resolution Skills

Team Leading, Student Guidance
Ideation and concept generating techniques (brainstorming, brainwriting, frog sheets)
English (Fluent), German (Conversational), Russian (Conversational), Serbo-Croatian (Native)
Awards and Exhibitions
1999 - 2'nd prize (milk packaging contest)
2003 - Exhibition Design for every Body, Belgrade, Swedish Design Centre
(solace lamp)
2010 - A handshake and a tap on the shoulder from H. Esslinger
(CULT visual identity Design proposal)
2012 - Guitar of the February on
(Bukoffsky signature)
2012 - Exhibition Design 4 You, Vienna
(life navi, human drive)
Other Interests
Water, Light, Wood, Sound, Nature, Life
Instrument Making, Music Theory, Sailing, Skiing, Sailboat design,
Straw Bale Building, Mountain Cabins, Family Houses, Energy Efficiency