Alec Schmidt

Art Director / Designer

Work Experience

Laboratory Collective

Senior Designer

Senior Designer & Director for the Laboratory and it's commissioned projects. My responsibilities included coordinating clients & work. Also, overseeing and collaborating with other designers to complete this work.
January 2010 - Phoenix, Arizona, United States


Art Director / Designer

Completing things from logos design, editorial layout, web design and apparel illustration. I have worked with over 50 clients in the last few years and have been lucky enough to see their brands grow and achieve success. References are available upon request.
February 2007 - Phoenix, Arizona, United States


Mesa College

AS Digital Art: Graphic Design & Web

Completed course work in General Art fields such as Art History & Color Theory as well as specialized field such as Typography, Illustration, Branding, Printing, Layout & Web Design. After this semester at Mesa, I will be moving on to a larger university to obtain Undergrad / Graduate degrees.
September 2008 - Present Mesa, Arizona, United States


English (),



Featured for Logos 2007 - 2008 Project


Typography Served

Featured for Types Project



Featured for Freq Nightclub



Freelance, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Branding, Corporate Identity, HTML/CSS, Identity Systems, Illustrator, Indesign, Logo Design, Photoshop, Print Design, Typographer, Web Design,

Blogs & Such

My latest blog / project is somewhat experimental. I've been creating a 600px by 600px piece of artwork every day. This first month I'm only allowing myself to us simple shapes (Line, Circle, Triangle, Square, etc...) and color. Without being able us any textures, effects, or gradients I'm looking to create artistically interesting arrangements, patterns and imagery. Visit the project at