Amar Vaya

MDes Automotive Design

I have little experience in the automotive industry, however thirst and genuine passion for my art drives me to gain more experience and learn from it to develop my skills and knowledge. One day I hope to use what I have learned to make an impact on society for the better.

Work Experience


Intern Junior Designer

My brief stint as a professional designer was a informative experience, where I learned how much it takes to produce a car. I was involved in live projects, where I designed the wheels for the MG Zero concept car which had its debut at the Beijing Motor show 2010. I was paired with another intern and we were asked to produce a presentation on 'what is MG?'. The reaction to this was positive, where the entire design team including design director Tony Williams said they were 'inspired'.

With the success of the presentation behind us, we were asked to produce individual designs which reflect our perception of the brand. After I had generated enough ideation, I was asked to take this into clay, where I was mentored by the clay team. I was taught how to construct a good clay model, from start to finish. This process had opened my eyes to the complexities of surfacing and line treatment, and taught me how to deal with problems and foresee them before they happened.

My entire experience at MG SAIC was incredible, and I am happy that I was given the opportunity, from this I was going straight into my final major project armed with new skills and knowledge.

Live Projects
Branding exercise
July 2009 - October 2010


Boston College

BTEC Fine Art (M,M,M)

I left London after my GCSE's and studied Art at Boston College, available to me was a fantastic array of facilities, and an even better set of tutors. Here I learned so much, which I still value today.

Techniques and processes learnt:

Life drawing
Screen printing
Photography and dark room developing
Clay sculpting
Adobe Photoshop

September 2004 - June 2006

Coventry University

MDes Automotive Design

Studying design at University was the most eye opening and grounding experience I have had, after four years I have come so far and had learnt so much. Throughout the four years I found myself learning and developing my skills, and more importantly finding my niche or style of work.

September 2006 - June 2010


English (Fluent),
Gujarati (Conversational),


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Alias Autodesk, Alias Imagestudio, Clay Sculpting, Idea Communication, Marker Rendering, Rapid Ideation, Sketchbook Pro, Sketching, Surface Refinement, Team Player,