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Costin-George Benescu

Game Art Manager

Sliema, Malta
Work Experience
Sliema, Malta
Jan 2014Present
Game Art Manager
Leading games from idea, mockups and visual concept to a final polished game I managed outsourcing for the currently released video slots: Robotnik, Fruitoids and Magic Mushrooms. Hands on with marketing materials, concept art, traditional sculpting, flash animation and 2D polish work I also handle production on other projects currently in development.
Sliema, Malta
Dec 2013Jan 2014
Game Art Consultant
Starting out at Yggdrasil Gaming as a Game Art Consultant I helped with visual mockups for video slot games, defining the look and feel of the games, managing outsourcing and hands-on mobile optimization pipeline updates.
Bucharest, Romania
Jul 2013Oct 2013
Colorist/Illustrator for Comics
I finally got into the comics industry doing colors for Harap Alb Continua.
While working at HAC Publishing I also did concept art and visualizations for upcoming titles. My gaming experienced helped out when optimizing colouring work flow using smart objects and specific blend modes in Photoshop to achieve better flexibility faster output.
Bucharest, Romania
Mar 2012Mar 2013
Junior Art Lead - iOS/Android Games
Since March 2012 I worked for more than a year at the office in Bucharest. There I started as Junior Lead Artist and helped the team adapt the successful facebook game Bubble Witch Saga to the iOS and Android platforms. My tasks included production work in Photoshop and Flash, layout design corrections, UI elements creation, promotional materials processing, optimizations and more.
Bucharest, Romania
Sep 2011Feb 2012
Graphic Artist - Facebook Games
Graphic Artist at Gotigo actually meant switching between: UI and UX Design, Flash Animation, Isometric and flat 2D Art.
Facebook Games were the main focus of Gotigo so there they already had two Facebook games in development for which I helped create UI, isometric and perspective view game assets, special effects, interactivity mock-ups, 2d animation and more.

The first game in development was a Heist game that could have been very interesting. Think Ocean`s Eleven vs FarmVille! I had to create isometric game assets and animation mock-ups for this game. It was very fun and I learned a lot during that project. It was postponed indefinitely when the company decided to shift focus to a different game idea.

Moo Party was the first asynchronous race game launched on Facebook in February 2012 by GotiGo. I participated with design of the UI buttons and elements for the game hud, help screen, final score screen and also with graphic assets and special effects for the coins in the game. Most of my work was later build upon by the rest of the team after I left the company. Unfortunately, almost half a year later, the company lost funding and went under. Have a look at the gameplay to see how the game felt.
Bucharest, Romania
Jul 2011Aug 2011
Freelance Previsualisation Artist
In the summer of 2011 I embarked on a very interesting Facebook game project. It was supposed to be a game were you manage a production line for condoms manufacturing, testing, packaging and selling. I was involved only in the pre production phase.
I helped create the look and feel of the game based on the brief from the client and indications from a designer. The assets produced were used to do a qualitative and quantitative market research to see if the game could be successful and if the brand awareness is maximized through the proposed game mechanics.
Later, the game was properly produced and released by a young company based in Bucharest:
The game was launched recently on Facebook. You can find it here:
The game is not just part of a innovative marketing campaign created for a Romanian brand of condoms "Love +" but also a very cool way to merge retail and gaming. You can actually use points accumulated in the game to get free condoms but also you can find codes inside the condoms boxes that you can use to get special items in the Facebook game!

I was the only artist on the team in the visual dev phase and so everything was up to me to develop. Everything from character design, environment design to UI design was developed in just a little under 9 weeks. Of course some of the things I had to do I had to learn on the go. Some others were a bit more easy because of my prior experience with gaming companies like Namco Bandai, Gameloft and other companies like American Greetings Interactive (where most of my character design and animation experience came from). So I had to do research on industrial design, concepts, modeling, lighting, rendering, rigging, animation, character design, UI design etc.
Bucharest, Romania
May 2010Jun 2011
Graphic Artist - Mobile Games (J2ME)
Since may 2010 I worked at Namco Bandai Networks Romania returning to the gaming industry. Here I helped producing games like Super Pac-Man, Pac-Man Kart Rally, Crush the Castle (for Android), Puzzle Quest 2, Final Fantasy 2, Mr. Driller, Galaga, Ace Combat, Soul Calibur and others.
Production and concept art, animation, fx, optimization for hand-held devices (mobile phones, Android, iPhone, iPad) working with Photoshop, 3DSMax and internal sprite and text editors.
I was very happy with the opportunity to work on the Ace Combat Northern Lights mobile project. Working in a small but agile team I worked closely with the designer and another artist to achieve the look and feel of the game.
Bucharest, Romania
May 2007Apr 2010
Senior Graphic Artist - animation, illustration, production, mobile fashion avatar
From 2007 on I started to get more interested in animation so I worked for 3 years at American Greetings Interactive, creating short flash animations and illustrations for social networks, mobile devices, print and e-greetings. There I also had graphic design tasks like layout design for a lot of products and processing promotional materials and creating layouts for promotional banners.
Bucharest, Romania
Sep 2006Feb 2007
Junior Graphic Artist
In 2006 I worked as a graphic designer in the gaming industry for Gameloft, Leading publisher and developer of video games for mobile phones.

My responsibilities were creating visuals for mobile gaming applications, low resolution (pixel art), resize, optimization, including backgrounds, characters, items, vehicles, correcting animation.

Basically I was receiving an original asset and I had to resize it to 200% by adding details and optimizing the colors for specific handset requeierements. I worked on titles like Asphalt: Urban GT, Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia, Paris Hilton`s Diamond Quest, Big Range Hunting, Pro Golf, Real Soccer 2006 and many others.
Bucharest, Romania
Oct 2002Jun 2006
Bachelor of Fashion Design
Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design from the Arts University of Bucharest.
Comprehensive Curriculum in Fashion, Art History, Artistic Anatomy.
Buz─âu, Romania
Sep 1995Jul 2002
Fashion Design Highschool Diploma
Avidly learning composition, anatomy, perspective, technical drawing, pencil drawing, watercolour painting, clay sketching, wood and stone sculpting, fashion and art history.
English (Conversational), French (Beginner)
123Creature, 123DCatch, 3dsmax, Acrylic Painting, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Advertising Illustration, Animated Mock-ups, Animation, Banner Design And Production, Book Illustration, Character Design, Charcoal, Concept Art, Concept Design, Fashion Illustration, IOS Artrage, IOS Procreate, Illustration, Ink, Isometric Game Art, Logo Design, Matte Painting, Mudbox, Pencil, Pixel Art, Polymer Clay Modeling, Previsualisation, Stone Sculpture, Storyboarding, Tehnical Animation, Toy & Apparel Customization, Toy Design, UI Design, Vector Art, Wall Painting, Watercolor, Wood Sculpture
Excellence in Fashion Design - Margareta Sterian Highschool of Fine Arts
Fashion Design 2nd Prize - The National Olympics for Visual Arts and Art History
Jules Verne Prize - Anticipative Scientific Imagination
WASHES - Watercolour group show, Zabbar, Malta. 25 July 2014 - 10 August 2014

NE PLACA CE FACI - International skateboard art group show at Galeria Noua in Bucharest, Romania. 19 May 2007 - 17 June 2007 -