Adam Rodgers


Loughborough, United Kingdom
Currently working for Desert-Island-Designs - my own freelance company, on a number of projects including but certainly not limited too Miniature Figure Sculpting, Exhibition Sculpture Design and modelling, 3D printing and Mobile Phone Game development.

While Warcry: Extermination has been an immensely rewarding project, the modelling side of things has begun to wind down, along with my contracted hours, so as a means to keep loose and to exercise my abilities I have recently taken a short term rolling position with Charnwood Arts. This has allowed me to explore a number of avenues, not least of which is on-line publishing with which I have been tasked to produce a number of books, covering community projects and international events, a challenging and diverse project involving some very interesting people.

I have worked on a variety of game projects as a character and asset modeller, creating low poly meshes and high poly sculpts complete with normals, AO and lightmaps. My time at Dreampowered Games has mainly involved environmental pieces and map furniture, a conscious choice by myself, to broaden my skill base from my usual character and monster modelling.

Along with my continued study of the principle foundations of art, I have a desire to now develop my skills in ‘Player Held Objects’, such as guns and Melee weapons, as well as, to one day revisit the world of hard surface modelling, specifically scfi and military vehicles.

With many years experience using 3DS Max, Zbrush and Photoshop under my belt, I still strive to learn new techniques, applications and work flows, currently I’m concentrating on improving my 2D and texturing skills using Painter, while also returning to the basics of perspective and values for the creation of Environments and Concepting. My main goal now is to be a key player in a AAA development team and to contribute to the next generation of top rated and gamer adored title.

In terms of my strengths, I would say that as well as being able to deliver top notch, optimized to the gills game ready models with speed, accuracy and flare, I have a very strong understanding of the technical requirements and work flows that can get, not only myself, but those around me to the teams goals quicker, better and happier.

I look forward to working with you in the near future :).

Work Experience


3D Digital Sculptor and Exhibition Designer

As a freelancer I was requested to do the Digital design and modelling of over 50 Large scale Illuminated Sculptures for the prestigious Black Pool Illuminations at the Winter Gardens. A very satisfying and challenging job to work on.
October 2013 - April 2014 Blackpool, United Kingdom

The Rangers Project

Digital Sculptor - 15mm miniatures for print and casting

I was responsible for adapting Anthony Scroggins 2d concepts for 'Hunters' a type of future soldier from 'The Rangers Project' Art book, Kickstarter and Figures range into printable and then white metal castable 3D Digital Sculptures.
February 2014 - April 2014 Wellington, New Zealand


Digital Sculptor

3D sculptor for a number of projects, including but not limited too Exhibition Design, Sculptures and Game development.
October 2013 - April 2014 Farningham, United Kingdom

Charnwood Arts

Art Tutor and Designer

Working part-time as in-house digital artist, my responsibilities cover 2D and any 3D required for a number of ongoing projects based around community arts. I also act as digital art tutor, giving technical and practical training to staff and associated individuals.
January 2012 - United Kingdom

Dream Powered Games

3D Modeler

Working from the 2D teams concepts I am responsible for modeling a variety of characters, monsters and environments for this fast paced, skill based, sci-fi FPS. The first in a series of planned games developed using the NeoAxis Engine and tools. Release for ‘Warcry – Extermination’ is spring 2012. Using 3D Studio Max 2011 and Zbrush to model complex models in a poly range from approx 2k - 10k depending on nature and intended use, my roles span from flora models, through buildings and map furniture to drop-ships and primary characters and bosses.
February 2011 - Ontario, Canada

Mega Pickle

3D Modeler and Texture Artist/2D Artist for Trading Card Game Franchise

Answering and liaising with the Lead on technical and artistic issues for ‘World of Perod’ a game for the Pokemon generation which aims to educate them in the periodic table via an immersive role-playing experience, tied in with a Pokemon type battle system. Primarily using 3D Studio Max and Zbrush for 3D modeling of low poly (1-2k) models, working from concepts supplied by 2D art team and taken by myself through to fully textured models ready for rigging via a template system designed in-house. Although initially aiming for the hand-held market and low poly specs I was required to create high poly versions of around 10 million polies, fully textured and planned for use in a yet to be released TV series adaption and mid poly models for cut scenes and future platform crossovers.
March 2010 - January 2011 United States


Loughborough College Of Art And Design

3D modeling and Graphic Design

I specialised in the fields of 3D traditional modeling and sculpture and did a side dish of Graphic Design.
June 1993 - May 1997 Loughborough, United Kingdom


English (Native),


3D Max, Adobe Photoshop, Character Design, Corel Painter, Texture Artist, ZBrush, #Texturing, 3D Studio Max, Concepting, CryEngine, DDo, Environmental, Hard Surface, Illustration, Keyshot, Marmoset, Modo, UDK,

Some of my recent work as a lovely video - enjoy..