Abhijeet C

Web, Mobile and Print Graphics Designer

Mumbai, India
I believe in a proven ability to reach, influence and convince people through Media, be it any.

Right from the stage of concept approval, I can designs the look, style and content for project - using imaging software, animation and multimedia tools.

My career commenced in Graphic Designing itself, I got involved in Multimedia & Webdesign while working as a Visualizer in Advertising Firm.

During my early career stages I got a chance to work for over range of clients and products worldwide, which includes IT, Government Organizations, Health Industry, e-Commerce, Publishing House, Consumer Products, and Construction Companies.

I have 12+ years of experience in creating and managing visual design assignments
for multimedia, mobile devices, web, CD-ROM & print.

I look forward to hearing from you. I can be reached at this email
address (Abhijeet_chavan@rediffmail.com)

An instant preview of my creative portfolio is available at http://www.behance.net/AbhijeetChavan


English (Fluent),
Hindi (Fluent),
Marathi (Fluent),


BioTech Analytics – UK

Web Application Interface Design – Winner of Laboratory News Industry Award 2002 and Commerce Awards 2002



3dsmax, Adobe Illustrator 10, Adobe Photoshop 6, Adobe Premiere Pro , Aftereffect, Audition, Believing In Self And Being Optimistic About My Capabilities, Brochures & Corporate Booklet Using Adobe Photoshop, Conceptualization & Designing Of Print Artworks, Contributed As A Key Member Of Global Marketing And Corporate Communication Operations (Newsletters, Coreldraw And Adobe Illustration, CorelDraw10 And SoundForgeXP, Cycore Cult3D, Delegating With Agencies And Vendors To Meet Organization’s Branding & Creative Requirements, Designing Graphic User Interface Of Web Applications And Websites Using Dreamweaver And Adobe Photoshop, Developed Communication Material In Collaboration With Product Managers And Sales Team, Developing CD-ROM Presentation Using Director, Discreet 3DS Max 3, Dreamweaver, Emailers, Events & Exhibitions, Events/exhibitions And Product Branding, Familiar With HTML, Flash ActionScripting, Flash And 3DS Max, Good Requirement Analyzing Capabilities, Good Understanding Of Different Media Of Communications, JavaScript Technology. Working Experience On Windows And Macintosh Platforms, Macromedia Director8.5 Shockwave Studio, Macromedia Flash, Managed Company Website – Adding New Dynamic Functionalities, Managing Creative Requirement Towards Marketing Collaterals, Maya2012, Microsoft FrontPage, Mudbox, Ready To Accept The Changes And Believe In Constant Upgradation, Soundforge, Strong Technical Skill Set In Graphics And Designing, Strong Understanding Of Usability Factors For Online And Mobile Applications, Swift3D, Technical Experience In MyEclipse 3.1 (J2EE/J2ME SDK Environment) Macromedia UltraDev, WebPR Campaign & Internal Comm. Activities), XML,

Additional Information

About myself, on personal note – I'm complete fitness buff who also enjoys swimming, traveling, sketching, doodling and painting. My leisure activities are watching world movies and listening to instrumental/electronic music. Currently I 'am pursuing drumming & art of cocktail mixology.