Aaron O'Driscoll

Junior Designer / Freelance

Cork, Ireland
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Welcome to Digital Love - the design portfolio of Aaron O’Driscoll - Graphic Designer, moon walker, fitness enthusiast, extrovert and lover of life.

The name ‘Digital Love’ came from a song by the electro/funk band ‘Daft Punk’ and mirrors my affection of all things digital, especially my love for the 8-Bit/16-Bit era of video games.

The icon of the heart in video game lore is an extra life. And that is what I bring to everyone with my design.

I began my design journey by drawing on schoolbooks as a child, faithfully recreating typography & illustrations - obsessively drawing and re-drawing until it was as close to perfect as I could make it. This tenacious attention to detail stayed with me and became instrumental in how carefully I consider design and Illustration now.

As a designer, my aim is to always provide my clients with something new and innovative - to create something visual and/or tangible that is totally theirs, setting them apart.

This is done through mutual interaction & cultivating a healthy relationship with clients - letting them in on the design process
I believe in working hard to understand my clients, and in working to fulfill the objectives set out to an appropriate, unique and striking visual response.

My fluid nature as a designer allows me to cross various media using different styles - never being one for repetition - I always experiment to create something new for each client. This approach makes sure that I am constantly up skilling and maintaining my high standard in visual communication.

So feel free to get in touch wit me, through e-mail, mobile, Skype, Twitter, carrier pigeon or any other means - I am very approachable.

...so talk to me!

Work Experience

Musgrave Group

Graphic Designer (Part-Time)

September 2012 - Ireland


Junior Designer

My employer TVTextbook was an emerging U.S. digital education platform that delivers a high quality curriculum which endeavors to be available to all students - with or without internet access from the most underprivileged to the most economically advantaged . The TVTextbook box product uses household televisions to bring the course curriculum to the students regardless of the type of TV.

As a junior designer for TVTextbook I was brought in to support the design team for my six month duration there. This role evolved from creating artwork and design for print related material including informational brochures, posters, signage and flyers - to designing screensavers, animated images, promotional and informational videos and designs for the TVTextbook product app.

This role brought me from my traditional design background of print and took me into a more digital based design environment where i was designing graphics for television and on-screen media.
March 2012 - September 2012 Ireland

Mallow Printing Works

Graphic Designer

At ‘Mallow Print Works’ - I had worked as a junior designer for four months as I was searching for a full time job. Mallow Print Works dealt mainly with the local community and provided a local print/repro service.

During my time there I had dealt with multiple jobs ranging from wedding invites to birthday cards, to laying out/designing brochures and stickers. When in Mallow print I mainly worked on presentation work for the Kerry Foods group who are one of the country’s largest food exporters.
November 2011 - March 2012 Ireland

Fermoy Print & Design

Graphic Designer

In Fermoy Print & Design - I worked as a Graphic Designer for local magazine ‘The Expression’ which had a readership of 8,000 people in the local area. The experience I had gained in Fermoy print applied to the realms of digital print media and adhering to tight schedules.

With the Expression Magazine, my responsibilities included the design of the magazine, magazine layout and adverts, direct correspondence with our clients and other clients of Fermoy Print. This was my first Design job and taught me the basics of the very basics of the design/print industry.
July 2009 - April 2010 Ireland



During my time as a freelance designer I have taken on jobs that have challenged me in what I already knew with regards to design, and taken up new challenges like directly dealing with clients, managing my own finances and diversifying my skill set by teaching myself web design and designing my own site as well as others. I find this experience Invaluable for my growth as a designer. I did branding/print work for local community interests such as ‘The Blackwater Valley Music School’, ‘Jana Photography’ and the local ‘Jobs Club’.

Even during lulls from paid work I would labor continually on Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign and try to perfect techniques.
July 2009 - Ireland


Cork Institute Of Technology

BA (Hons) Design Communication

Through my studies in Design, I began to fully explore design of both a graphical and intellectual nature. My four years of being a design student taught me the fundamentals of Graphic Design and Communication. Our projects throughout focused on personal
development as a Designer, though, team work was encouraged strongly throughout.

Design Communication generally centered on print media projects, but offered a foundation level of knowledge web design - both HTML with Dreamweaver, and Action scripting with Flash to give a taste for digital design.
September 2005 - June 2009 Cork, Ireland

St. Colmans College

Junior Cert 2002, Leaving Cert 2004

I received my secondary/high school
education In St. Colman's College in Fermoy where, in my Leaving Certificate, I achieved high grades in Geography, English and
excelled in Art - which steered me in the direction of Design as a career.

received my secondary/high school education In St. Colman's College in Fermoy where, in my Leaving Certificate, I achieved high grades in Geography, English and excelled in Art - which steered me in the direction of Design as a career.
September 1998 - June 2004 Cork, Ireland


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Illustration, Typography, Web Design, Adobe, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, Book Design, Consultation, Design, Photography, Usability Testing, User Interface Design, Web, Web Design,

Additional Information

Besides being an all round designer I am also an avid martial artist, practicing
Taekwondo three/four times weekly. I believe it instills me with self confidence and clarity of thought.

I also have a strong interest in personal fitness, fashion, funk music, dancing,
traveling and current affairs.