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Richmond, VA, USA
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“730 Entertainment, LLC,” was born in the Mid-nineties. Since the company’s official inception in 1996, “730 Entertainment” has inspired and participated in the successful rise of several familiar ventures, such as; The “Street Wars” Mix-tape Series, with DJ “P-Cutta.” With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our network is very strong. The organization has also successfully developed a very healthy global contact portfolio. From entertainment companies, to eager entertainment consumers, we are qualified to provide legitimate service to the qualified client. We are currently in the launch of
“730 Entertainment LINX” Marketing Solutions. This service division provides planning, publicity and booking options to the aspiring artist or to the company in need of outsourcing services. We currently offer general consulting, artist development, product manufacturing, project promotion, and various career building/business development services. Our primary goal is to become the industry leaders in A&R, serving as the bridge to entertainment professionalism. “730 Entertainment LINX” Marketing Solutions is just the start of a growing multi media empire! We are also in development of a full service multimedia planning, production and promotions studio-suite. Based on vigorous market research, it is determined that we are “What the game’s been missing”…. A company to officially, bridge the gap! “730 Entertainment LINX” Marketing Solutions can guarantee a global entertainment consumer database of over 20,000 and growing. We also stand firmly by our audio-visual product manufacturing and packaging. Our organization also guarantees the best in “celebrity” professionals for your next event. So, if you have the belief to invest, in the progression of yourself, or your business,
Then we have belief in you!

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Rooftop Entertainment

Marketing, Management & Promotions

Marketing & Promotions Guru to the world famous DJ Pcutta
January 2001 - January 2009 Washington, District of Columbia, United States


Management, Marketing, Promotions,