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Creative Director

Buenos Aires, Argentina
+54 011 4777 2440
Creative director of audiovisual projects, from idea generation to final execution. In charge of the team to carry out the project in the appropriate platform and format. Vast knowledge of design and your implementation.
Continued interest in new technologies and trends, in ambitious projects for avant-garde and leaders clients.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Jan 2011
Creative Director
We offer several services like:
. Stereoscopic 3d
. Led content
. Motion graphics
. Vfx (post production)
. 3d Animation
. Integral production
. Advertising
. Creative audiovisual content for events
. Photography
. TV Programs
. Augmented Reality
. Video Mapping
. Touch Screen
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Jan 2006Dec 2010
Image and Sound Designer
Prepare professionals to become more qualified human resources to participate in the broad field of audiovisual media, necessary to achieve the level of efficiency and internal and external competition which are necessary for development and capable of performing both technological and aesthetic solvency the projects themselves as those conducted by the means of production.

To provide conceptual training graduates according to their professional role and train them for advice and participation in interdisciplinary project teams and production.
2D Animation, 3d Animation, Client Management, Direction, Editing, Post Production, Sound
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