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»pigment« | chromatic font

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  • pigment
    an auto-chromatic typeface
  • What do you get if you coalesce lettering and chromatic type?

    A display typeface with a distinctive extravagance. »Pigment« is surprisingly user-friendly. Although it works with color overlaps which result in an additional value in form and color, all this happens in one single text box. The user only needs to set the text size and the amount and tone of the desired colors. Everything else is done by the font’s intelligence. The copying, pasting and aligning of layers is completely eliminated – even fot text changes.

    For this purpose, it has more than 600 letters. All are tailored to their particular predecessors. The principle of chromatic type and the overprinting of colors makes the »pigment« not only an exotic (which results in attraction of its own), but also makes the connections possible as it wouldn’t work with ligatures.

    Every word of this typeface—which doesn’t take itself too seriously—renders an almost logo-like, individual dynamic and it is especially suitable for escapist, cultural or cultural applications. »Pigment« likes serial design with varying color codes while the formal structure of the type expresses the belonging to a sequence. Via its rhythm, the flow and interlocking it opens analogies to music, especially jazz.

    »pigment« is a part of my bachelor practice and arose in the degree course communications design at the htw berlin.