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  • Senior Thesis Project : Open-Source Experiential Learning System / Psychological Mindedness Study  
    { undergoing creation est. 2013 } _ progress will be updated along the formation.

    Experiences help us make connections & build relationships. Experiences create memories upon which emotions develop & mature. Experiences tell stories of the trials through the past into the unknown future. Experiences forge knowledge & intuition progressive application. Experiences construct confidence in personal skill & talent. Experiences are everything, they make us who we are and they provide us with a foundation for the future, they are in every soul.

    To completely understand the human condition you need to know where society has come from, where it is at, and where it is headed. Experience brings us closer to discovering ourselves and those who share connected experiences. Every experience is a memory, something learned, the story of our unique progress through our lives...share a story and build from experience.
  • In a transgressive radioactive culture, where negative experiences are publicized relentlessly by media outlets around the world, twenty-four hours a day, everyday of the year. Whatever happened to projecting focus on our internal prosperity, seeking psychological bliss to enable our external environment the profitability of progressive evolution. 

    We often forget those subtle, sometimes silent interactions with our experiences, as pilots of the human condition every instance of our lives carry the memory data essential to growth. This beautiful infinitesimal ability of collaborating mind and world to produce mental / physical / spiritual / emotional / social / cultural advancement, beholden to our species alone, our gift.

    Embrace reflection upon these experiences, either positive or negative, development comes of all experience no matter its story. Critical application of our trials create experiential knowledge within the self and among culture externally. 

    In today’s economic / environmental / cultural / educational communications & careers, it ceases to be a matter of remembering what we learned throughout our lives but rather…an affair of whether you can alter your knowledge to provide the solution to an ever-changing quandary of unknown problems. 

    As all young boys are driven by natural forces to do, I spent most of my days exploring, experimenting and discovering life. Always seeking new lands and adventures to expand my imagination produced world view. 

    The vast unknown, untouched by my developing senses, thriving for the opportunity to continue on this voyage into the forest of life. 

    One frigid winter afternoon, my cousin and I explored the snow covered giants of Pollock Pines. 

    Walking among the grizzly natural towers of the forest, we came across a barbed fence, creating a formidable barrier for our seven year old selves to conquer without some cunning innovation.

    Unaware we were to the the impending formative experiences advancing on our current path.

    Devising a crafty bridge out of bundled branches, we progressed over the sharp metal wires, continuing along our adventure into the snow covered landscape. 

    Soon on our journey we came across a tunnel of shrubs leading to what we perceived as a new section of our discovered path through the knee deep snow. 

    Suddenly without warning, a low ominous hum began, quickly shifting tones to a skin trembling grown, instilling upon us our first experience of fear followed by an instinctual adrenaline rush. 

    Beneath the ghostly air of the grove lurked a cautious wolf, aged from long seasons spent hunting, following our every movement with its dark shadowed eyes.

    Reaching my arm to my cousin’s side, easing her away from what seemed to be the last minutes we would spend together, we drifted backward down the path, always watching... ever hoping. 

    Either by predatory intent or shear curiosity, the wolf kept on our forth drawn retreat out of the disheveled lair of the war torn beast, close to reaching the fence from which we conquered.

    As we pressed onward to the entry of our make-shift bridge, my boot catches the sharp barbs of the fence, the wolf creeps closer to our current location on the pathway, no time to look back. 

    The moment began to slow to what seemed like a distorted reality, my cousin lifting my boot from the grasps of the entrapping wires, free from the moment that seemed to be our last.

    From all our experiences, every memory, every story has something to teach us…simply listen! 
  • — a brief conceptual metaphor to illustrate the personality of this thesis project —

    Imagine for a moment, a social anthropological experiment weds a product marketing / identity / philosophical study. She proceeds in eating too much experience-based education, whilst carrying their design friendly mutt of a baby, who has extreme interactive & progressive constructivism tendencies. 

    Meanwhile, across the globe a family of crafts people spend their productive days working with intrinsically technical hands from sun up to moon rise. Quality & passion fuel the formulation of geometric angles and organic curves, syncopating in a void of discovery beyond themselves, possibly even humanity as a species, unknown & vast.


    [ multi-disciplinary collaboration : psychology, literature, environment, design, art, society ]

    + Tell a story of experience, universal and infinite in unique complexity, throughout the journey of the human experience on earth.

    + Collaborate methodologies from multi-disciplinary fields into a cohesive inspirational social experiment promulgating experiences of growth / learning / progressive aspirations.

    + Develop public / community / individual awareness of experiential reflection / condition their ability to view the world & experience through cognitive analysis institutions. 

    + Contribute to a progressive mindset, providing users with the tools to investigate / express / reflect upon personal experiences through creatively telling their analogical stories.

    [ experience  +  reflection  +  generalization  +  application  =  progressive growth & evolution ]

    + Illuminate the elements of experience, including physical / subjective / social / emotional / spiritual / cognitive / mental, in their relationship to reality and virtual worlds.

    + Create a manifestation of avant garde design, existing without a box of limitations, advance personal techniques & push the psychological limits of the imagination into the unknown.

    + Assimilate the entirety of our degree into a universally communicative & socially proactive thesis project, exploring the creative & innovative possibilities of “experience”.

    The Human Condition — encompasses the unique features of being human, described as the irreducible part of humanity, including the meaning of life and the natural sense of curiosity. 

    Psychology & Sociology Studies — academic and applied discipline that involves the scientific study of mental functions and behaviors of individuals and human society.

    Anthropology Studies — the science of humanity, an emphasis on in-depth examination of context, cross-cultural comparisons, the importance it places on participant-observation.

    Philosophy & Literary Works — the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. 

    Educational Psychology — the study of how humans learn in educational settings, the effectiveness of educational interventions, the psychology of teaching, concerned with how students learn and develop, often focusing on specific functions and subgroups. 

    Open-Source Design ­— is a philosophy, or pragmatic methodology that promotes free redistribution and access to an end product’s design and implementation details, utilizes community involvement to evolve the social & conceptual symbiotic design connection.