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  • na-mu.

  • Natural environment acts as the most important factor in preserving comfortable human life. However, as the modern industrial society develops human are destroying the nature more and more.
     As human receive a comfortable life from the nature, it is a responsibility and obligation to protect the nature
     as well. Recycling is a small thing that we can do to protect the nature. The problem is that we recognize this fact but when we could be recycling we do not act upon it.  Essential function of eco-friendly products is not something that has high-tech in consideration if the environment but something that sends off continuous message for people to recycle and let them recognize the Eco awareness of the recycling. 
     ‘Na-mu’ leads people who use them to act upon recycling which protects the environment, and sends off the ‘protect the environment’ message. The main frame is similar to other cloth hangers but it does not include the ‘actual hanger’ which lets the hanger function as hanger to make it inconvenient. Through this although it is inconvenient it leads people to recycle the plastic bottle that we usually throw away as a hanger in order to hang their clothes. The hanger without plastic bottles looks like a bare trunk of a tree, but by recycling the plastic bottles it makes the hanger looks like an abundant tree by adding branches. 
     Through this inconvenient design, people will start to recycle and through this, it sends off a continuous message that we can save nature and trees.