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  • monohed 
    frank georgy
    digital collages
    »A black look« is not intended in the particular use of the colour black and those who think they will be confronted with gloomy visions in the digital collages will find their expectations comfortably disappointed. The focus on a single colour rather lets the composition come to the fore and also functions as something shared between all the collages shown here.
    The development of the work begins by combining graphic elements and textures, which give rise to unexpected perspectives and results. The pictures’ individual parts and contents can only be identified at the end of a process of cognition, or even become subsumed completely into the composition. The contrasting of black and white structures and the intermediate nuances creates a distinct visual language, the effect of which is even further enhanced by the serial character. It becomes apparent that this reduction is not a sacrifice but instead constitutes an increase in significance and a concretion of form and space.
    By repeatedly taking up similar or identical graphic objects, multiple series and sequences of images could evolve, in which the visual juxtaposition is transformed into a succession on a higher level. Thus, the mutability of a once used motif opens up a new dimension beyond obvious patterns of interpretation.
    (ancient Greek »monos« = »alone«) in this case means that only one shade (black) is used as a print and design colour.
    (ancient Greek »hedone« = »joy, pleasure, desire«) is an allusion to the ancient philosophy of »hedonism« which amongst other things believes lust to be the central purpose of life. In a figurative sense, creative work can be lived out with pleasure through freedom from thematic constraints.