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just a stool- a tale of a modest piece of furniture

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  • this is a tale of a stool, a modest object that wanted to be more than the sum of its parts. the stool is more than just a sitting object.  it is more than a sit and legs. it wants to ascend its components, yet still stay an honest object that is used for temporary sitting, because after all, it is just a stool.
  • the connection between surface and legs, packaging and assembling, a stool and its creator, is shown through two humble materials, wood and cloth. their duality forms a new relationship that is more than the act of sitting.
  • this project focuses on the process of making the stool and less with the sitting act itself. it shows seven different tension cloth mechanisms. they are all usable but need ocasional attention. the project amount to the manuals, which are given without exact measures but give just the idea. it is done so to encourage new and improved creating techniques these kind of humble stools.
  •  fourinatwist stool as it carries out in the process of assenbly 
  • wedge mechanism series
  • oneinawedge stool, made from one wood beam
  • tripod stools in different techniques; threeinatwist and threeinabind.
  • a 10x10x45 wood beam and a piece of cotton cloth are the materials of the "jhst a" stools. accesible and inexpensve, they embody the true nature of this modest piece of furniture.