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  • inside/out

  • A re­design/con­cep­tion of an architec­tur­al journ­al. After work­ing on a pre­limina­ry re­design for the Int/AR journ­al (published by the Interior Architecture de­part­ment at RISD), I was left feel­ing as though there was more to be done. I wan­ted to create a pro­ject as a plat­form to chal­lenge myself and the ex­ist­ing no­tion of what the form and func­tional­ity of jour­nal/magazines are today in the architec­ture world.

    To re­in­force the idea that architec­tur­al prac­tices ser­ved as a foun­da­tion, a grid was created that de­rived from the two-point per­spec­tive grid used in architec­tur­al draw­ings. Shapes and forms were de­rived from this grid and were used as func­tion­al forms with­in the stan­dard 8.5 x 11 in pages of the journ­al. A single shape was chos­en for each issue and as­sig­ned a color. This shape and color ap­pear throug­hout the issue and with the grid it was de­rived from, creates form in the journ­al. Also on the cover are sur­round­ing ele­ments that put the shape in a space and con­nect it to the background image it over­laps. On the back of the issue, the grid re­ve­als the sour­ce of the shape in a light gradient while the fea­tures of the journ­al are ar­ranged in a float­ing com­posi­tion. To com­plete the ex­terior of the journ­al, a masthead was created that plays with the idea of in­terior and ex­terior space and how the fords sit in that space. The angle used in the masthead also has a re­la­tion to the grid, and sits con­sis­tent­ly in the top left cor­n­er of the front cover.
  • Special Editions

    In the stan­dard is­sues, th­ings are labeled in terms of how they are es­tablish­ing space and where they are es­tablish­ing space. In an­oth­er ele­ment, I want to ask rea­d­ers to par­ticipate in a specific way through speci­al is­sues that are in­cluded with the stan­dard. The speci­al edi­tions con­s­ist of minia­ture sup­ple­ments that con­tain only one ar­ticle pre­sen­ted in a new form, de­al­ing with themes in architec­ture. The forms en­courage par­ticipa­tion and in­qui­ry, play­ing off of the idea that architec­ture is meaningless with­out human in­terac­tion and be­cause of this, each speci­al edi­tion is tit­led with a verb. These speci­al edi­tions, while dif­ferent forms, are con­tained in the same pac­kag­ing to show they are part of a col­lec­tion, and in­cludes an in­struc­tion sheet, and other small tokens such as stick­ers and notebooks.