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  • Everything began with a simple question: 

    How could we keep plates and food warm in an innovative way?
    First, we had to think about some prerequisite :
    It should...

    •... heat and cool down fast.
    •... be constantly warm.
    •... warm up only at the place where the plate is located.
    •... be easy to use.
    •... be inconspicuous.
    •... be economical and fitted to daily use.

    We found many answers to this question and the result were innovative tables whichwork with an patented carbonfibre-induction technology to heat up plates or keepthem warm during eating. With carbonfibres we also integrated a special design-aspect into our table.Either visible or invisble; the integratet carbonfibres ensure the most efficient way to keep your meal and plates warm and satisfy with their modern design.SIEMENS, IFF GmbH and TUM supported us to find a controller and helped us totest carbonfiber for this way of usage.

    Examples for a commercial version of hoTABLE:
    hoTABLE with integrated carbonfibre mat
    For ambitiouns households we created a table with a special design, which combines a classic wooden table with innovative visible carbonfibre plates. The carbonfibres are integrated in the top of the table and can be changed against a conventional wooden top. Unimportant if you want to read a newspaper or dine on the hoTABLE; it seems the perfect table to spend as much time as you want sitting at it.

    hoTABLE with a tablecloth
    Tablecloths are to most common way in restaurants to save tables from damge caused by food or liquids. We tought up and designed a tablecloth which can be used by the hoTABLE. The main part of the cloth is highquality cotton but we integrated local carbonfibre areas, which can be heated up by iduction coils, placed under the tabletop. The invisibility of the carbonfibres lets the tablecloth look like any common tablecloth in any good restaurant, but with one difference: By keeping your plate and meal warm it allows a new experience of dining.

    Of course this kind of hoTABLE can also be used at home and not only in the gastronomy sector.

    A "Jugend Forscht 2011
    " project by Lorenzo Pautasso and Severin Hackspiel.
  • If you have a request of buying one of these tables, please contact us under: shc
  • The Prototype
  • The Corparate Design